1. I always have a rule that the woman finishes once before we even start to fuck. Just worth it plus its a huge turn on.

  2. Aw well at least I’m a special cumrag. I sit , crusty and crunchy by your bedside and tuck you in each night before you go to bed. Never wash me, Owl.

  3. It’s worse than 2019 in my opinion. However it’s still very possible to meet good people on there without too much of a struggle

  4. Eating ass. I know ur asshole isn’t clean u nasty fucking weirdo.

  5. The people my age that act old as fuck. Like I get you’re BORING, out of shape, and have several health problems because of your POOR CHOICES, but you don’t need to spoil the fun for us young spirited folks who are in the same age bracket.

  6. Same with ADHD. I blame fucking Tik Tok and all the idiots on there spreading misinformation

  7. I think it’s more substance abuse vs “Cali drivers”

  8. So ur admitting that all the Cali drivers that come here are on drugs? Lol I agree

  9. Substance abuse includes alcohol and that's your state bird.

  10. Lol I hate dubstep. I’m sure LA has some heaters, but the LA vibe and it’s people would make me pass on any show, no matter how quaint lmao.

  11. The Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area in PA has a good number of galleries and opportunities. They have your typical first Friday like nights and festivals. In the summer, Bethlehem has Musikfest which is the largest free music festival and always has artist vendors. And it’s only an hour and a half away from both NYC and Philly.

  12. Any art events or art centered things I should visit this upcoming 2023 year? January - March

  13. Ayy, Sketchbook. That's my program of choice. First time I've heard it mentioned on here. It annoys the hell out of me, judging art by the tools used to make it as opposed to how it looks. People always think it's easier to create art digitally as opposed to any physical means. And while there are advantages to it, it has it's own challenges that many people don't see.

  14. Ayeee sketchbook gang. Lol yeah it’s just disrespectful for a customer to come up to my booth as I’m displaying my art, being very vulnerable mind you, and they have the audacity to say “oh it’s digital?” Like I still felt pain and sadness when I drew this piece. It’s still a part of me that you get to see. Who cares if I didn’t paint with oil or acrylic? I don’t go up to traditional artists and go “oh it’s oils?” Like bro. Have some respect, especially if you couldn’t replicate my art anyways. Lmao

  15. Yeah I imagine that would be terrifying having a booth. Took me months to work up the guts to even start posting online. Can I see some of your work?

  16. Nice thread for me to sift through while I procrastinate editing 150 photos

  17. These types of posts are always refreshing to see as a native for 30 years lol.

  18. I imagined a dog trying to get peanut butter out of its mouth when I read “lick a girl out” like u wanna get the taste outta ur mouth. Lmao

  19. Tell me he loves me after not really talking or anything for years lmaooo

  20. I had a guy I'd met once tell me he loved me on the first date. He also asked if he could take a picture of me. (I declined a second date.)

  21. Damn. Yeah I had a guy take a video of me while I was on top. No permission given, didn’t even ask. It was weird. Guys are fucking weird.

  22. Did u focus so much on the egg that you forgot to season your ramen?

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