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  1. They had a hotel in the original plan. It is a perfect place for one. Since then, several, although all boutique, opened up in NHV, killing the demand. The Omni needs competition.

  2. Maybe Phase 2 will bring one. I still am surprised the Hilton Garden Inn on Orange fell through. That would’ve been great for that neighborhood.

  3. Agreed on the Garden Inn. It was supposed to be a franchise operated by Olympia out of Maine. They apparently specialize in hotels and restaurants in high end college towns. Word was the delays, construction costs and cost of money combined to have them step off.

  4. Which exact tape do y’all buy? I got Nexcare micropore from Amazon and could not for the life of me find the start of the tape, and it just ripped up and wouldn’t stay together.

  5. How many bags do y’all usually start with for your first time?

  6. Almost any decent restaurant will have tons of vegetarian options. Vegan is a different game. I think you need to be clearer with which is critical. If it doesn’t need to be vegan, you have tons of options right in NHV. Also, pescatarian or no seafood?

  7. I believe Avelo starts flights to Chicago Midway from Tweed New Haven starting in May.

  8. I think there’s a decent middle eastern/Indian population in the area. So lots of good stuff! There’s also some random ones like Lalibela - Ethiopian, Tibetan Kitchen, Hachiroku - izakaya, Toka - Indonesian, Ketkeo - Laotian. Interesting Thai at Sept in Bangkok and Noa. Amazing sushi at Rockfish and ramen at Menya. Great city for ethnic foods.

  9. Makes me want to move (close) to New Haven.

  10. Depending on the conditions, Hayride at Stowe. Only for one part of the trail. Most of it is pretty east as diamonds go. Until you get to the waterfall. It’s been years since I last skied it, but most winters the spring at the top of that one section of the trail insures that the entire slope becomes a thick sheet of ice. Any snow gets pushed to a narrow strip on either side of the trail, and you sort of have to wait your turn to work your way down. I made the mistake of getting impatient one winter. There were too many people on the side I was on, so I decided to work my way across the hill to the other side. But I got cocky and got too close to the ice edge. My downhill ski slipped out, and that was it. There was no stopping until I hit the wall of huge moguls at the bottom. I remember opening my eyes at one point and seeing that wall coming at me, and knowing there was nothing I could do. According to my friends I hit that bump and it was like I exploded. My skis went flying, my poles, my hat, my goggles, anything that didn’t have to be ripped off my body to remove it. I bounced into the air and thudded down. I don’t really remember that part, just opening my eyes and seeing a friend standing over me. I was ok, amazingly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a concussion from that one. This was long before helmets were a thing. Good times.

  11. I’m glad you said Hayride because I’ve done black diamonds at Alta and may have been the most terrified for my safety on the steepest part of Hayride when it was solid ice 😂

  12. One is most likely NN-DMT which is where I see the amazing visuals, I have seen the blue room you speak of. The other is most likely 5-MEO DMT which is synthesized from a specific toad's venom. 5-MEO DMT is generally a bit scarier in my opinion. It can feel like you are dropped into the middle of space, but not the fun colourful space, more like a void of space. I think both can bring positive results in one's life. NN-DMT showed me how much more there is going on behind the veil, speaking with entities, seeing new worlds really made me love life and appreciate the people I have and come to terms with the losses I have suffered, I am so sorry for your losses as well. 5-MEO DMT made me appreciate the vastness of whatever this is, the void as I call it, showed me nothing is what it seems, everyone who claims they have the answers are just silly, I felt a oneness with the universe in a way that made me feel okay with just being here on this planet for whatever time I get, and then whatever happens after, if anything, happens. Much love.

  13. As Hmt5592 mentioned, Kent came to mind for me as well. Swyft is an awesome restaurant. Kent will be a serious drive for you from Lisbon though!

  14. There’s equally (if not more) quaint towns closer to OP. Chester, Essex, Guilford, Stonington Borough are picture perfect.

  15. Chester is adorable and has some great food and a brewery. You could see a show at Goodspeed and also check out Essex or Guilford centers. You could also stop at Fox Farm on the way from Lisbon. Grano Arso in Chester would be a great special occasion place. Madison Beach Hotel for drinks on water and then Bar Bouchee would be really nice too.

  16. If you want to make a trip for great speciality, and often local items, try Flynn’s, Provisions on State, and Atticus Market in New Haven.

  17. Ah, Volvo wagons. The official car of the New England academic elite.

  18. Very similar. Guilford is a little more spread out and laid back. Madison is a bit more preppy.

  19. I think being able to find a community outside of Yale is important and also a general diversity and Asian American community

  20. Both areas are pretty diverse and great people to meet. You’re also a <2 hour train ride to NYC from NHV.

  21. Atticus cafe and market (two locations) makes extraordinary hot chocolate. Some of the best I’ve ever had.

  22. Their food is amazeballs too. Matt the chef is super talented

  23. Praiano is a great low key town. Stayed at a villa there and loved it. Lot of stairs to many of the villas.

  24. This is helpful! Our real estate agent said the schools in Milford weren’t that great I’ll do some research.

  25. Ugh. Real estate agents aren’t even legally allowed to say that. Maybe you need a new agent. 😉

  26. Wow, no. Even Aspen is more accessible these days. Ever look at lodging costs in Vail proper?

  27. Nah, you forgot Park City and Telluride. New Yorkers have heard of those.

  28. I just took a peak at Sundown. Wow is that small. 2 Blue and 4 Black trails. 625’ vertical. Glad you enjoy but not for me.

  29. Yeah, so? If you live a half hour away it can still be fun for a quickie.

  30. This is a third year La Niña. Pretty rare, and terrible for snow. I’m not denying that this will all be a memory someday, but with all due respect I think people are conflating three years of bad luck with climate change. Ask a meteorologist; this is the result of cold sea surface temps being in an undesirable place for snow in the eastern US.

  31. Yeah, climate change is very real, but this isn’t IT for skiing in warmer states. Yet. This is just weather. Weather is temporary. Climate is scarier.

  32. It’s a well thought out counter argument, but anyone supposing they have the answers is delusional. I like Dr. Rick Strassman’s response when asked if it’s a real place or all in our heads: “does it really matter?”

  33. Yes but this is a good thing, more people can heal and awaken spiritually

  34. Yeah, as long as it isn’t done as a party/gimmick drug, which seems disrespectful.

  35. The problem is too big at this point, to be completely honest. The reverence of large lot sfh development has put enormous pressure on the housing stock to the point where CT's economy is in pretty significant danger of stalling. If towns sprinkled in house-scaled multi family units or even split lots to make room for more "starter houses" like we used to build and rezoned solely SFH areas to have local retail and apartments (you know, the pre-1970s style development in CT) then there wouldn't be as much pressure of 8-30g. The number one go to move of PNZ boards was to do nothing, and the supporters of the large lot sfh lifestyle is "do more of nothing and with less government oversight." It boggles the mind to give more power to the people that couldn't manage a little responsibility... all because they have erroneous assumptions on how land value economics work? No thanks.

  36. Oh there's certainly underused industrial land that can be used, however the number of parcels that would be a good fit for a change to residential is far less than what you may think. From groundwater, soil, and asbestos pollution all the way to just being islands far from transit and commerce.

  37. It’s not immoral to zone areas for freestanding homes where people want freestanding homes. Especially low density areas that are more rural. Where in the world is that seen as an outrage? Gimme a break.

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