1. This is really nice. I hope you continue to post your outfits here (as long as you're happy to of course!) because I think it helps subvert the expectations of what a Right Up outfit "should" look like.

  2. If this makes you feel any better, I have an interesting observation similar to what you've described. My brother is most likely a yin type with sharpness (I'm leaning towards TR but it's difficult to tell since he's underweight), and he's 5'9". But he doesn't look 5'9" at all. If you stand him next to someone who is around the same height or slightly taller and they have a bigger build to match, he looks a lot shorter. I'm 5'4" and standing next to him I feel like there's rarely a height difference where, if I didn't know any better, I'd guess he's 5'6"-5'7". Until you measure his height and realise, "oh, he's 5'9". I think this has something to do with belonging to an ID which accommodates Kibbe petite.

  3. Thank you for your input, i appreciate it. Your brother's condition does sound similar to mine. I'll try out the things you've asked me to do and see whether it works for me or not.

  4. Sure. TRs can sometimes have slight elongation as a part of their yang. So in that case they can also accommodate vertical as long as it's not a primary accommodation and they have Kibbe petite. This makes it the "tertiary" (third) accommodation as TRs need to accommodate double curve and petite first and foremost. The double curve only really applies to women, for yin men they would just have general softness. I hope this clears things up.

  5. I'm seeing a lot of focus on comfort and not a lot of dressing for impact so either Left Down or RD Explorer depending on which style logic resonates with you. There are a couple outfits in your "style aspiration" which have elements of drama but I think they're picked more for sensuality than being mindful of how you come across. Do you agree?

  6. I definitely agree about me being down! I identify very strongly with being down just not so much with being left or right. I think I tend toward somewhere between the Explorer and the Spicy Girl Next Door. I think at least currently I work within the RD logic because I do consider my situation when dressing. However, I mainly consider my situation because I deal with a lot of self doubt and worry people will judge me and also fear objectification due to some experiences in my teens where peers made comments that made me suuuuuper uncomfortable😅 I say I can lean left (at least in styling) because whenever I feel comfortable and safe in a situation I feel like I can comfortably add a bit of outward sensuality. I also tend to make things a bit edgier when I don’t worry about judgement and I can just have fun.

  7. I agree with what Roach said. Since you're mentioning Natural, Classic, Ingenue essence based on your face I'm going to assume you're talking about Truth is Beauty or Kitchener.

  8. I think the way the jumper hangs isn't really flattering, it adds bulk to the silhouette and I'm assuming it's too dense to fully French tuck into the skirt. Also, the skirt seems to be pulling at your hips where I'd suggest finding a wider cut, bigger size or opting for denim shorts if you own any. The black bag and green boots, whilst nice pieces on their own, don't coordinate with the colours of the rest of the outfit. This is fine if you like to combine various colours, but if you prefer more visual cohesion I'd suggest wearing a black leather skirt and a jumper in an earthy shade like the brown or similar shade of green which is preferably softer and more lightweight to flatter your lines. If you want more visual interest a white shirt with a sweater vest on top would be really cute with the boots.

  9. Something I like to do (since I don't have the energy to follow the curly girl method) is put my hair in a braid whilst it's slightly damp. When I open it up my waves are more defined and mermaid-y which is nice. Adding volume by massaging oil into the hair is great too but not everyone likes to do that. If doing an updo I prefer for strands of hair to be left at the front so it's less severe. I'd try to stay away from them because they aren't that flattering for me but I can't resist a cute crown braid.

  10. In that case being in Gamine family makes perfect sense! Here are my observations for why you could be FG:

  11. Thank you so much for this detailed comment! I do have a longer torso compared to my legs 🤭

  12. I was leaning towards that but wasn't fully sure. I'm glad I could help 😊

  13. You could wear it with a crisp matching yellow shirt which is either solid or features the same shade of yellow in a pattern. You could wear either tights in a similar colour or tone if you want to maintain vertical or on its own as very short hemlines can also accommodate vertical. I imagine it's very difficult to find shoes in a similar colour, so maybe if you have shoes in a taupe colour like the buttons it could work? Or if you only own shoes in very conventional colours try to match it to another colour in the pattern of the shirt you wear. If you like a coordinated colour scheme and want a more continous line matching yellow socks are an option too. A blazer or long jacket could also be a good idea if you're a fan of layering and want more visual interest rather than just a shirt and short skirt.

  14. I was planning on wearing with a jacket and tights/leggings with boots for a fall look. I have a gold turtleneck and a beige one I feel could work

  15. I think gold would be great! If you want to go for a two toned look with the skirt as a statement piece then beige with beige tights/leggings wouldn't be a bad choice either. It depends on the colour of your jacket and boots too. Assuming they're both black for example I think the gold turtleneck would work better.

  16. You look sweet but also elegant and sophisticated. I could imagine you as live action Belle. If not then a similar character in a school who is warm, bookish and intelligent. If you're a fan of action concepts maybe even a high up person at a spy agency (the person who briefs the goofy protagonist on their mission or is the brains of the team) or the character who is curious and approachable towards a detective in a murder mystery case and later gets caught up in their shenanigans, becoming the calm member of the duo.

  17. I don't think there are any shortcuts like that in Kibbe sadly. All I can say is it seems like your silhouette is elongated where you might benefit from vertical accommodation, and probably don't need curve accommodation.

  18. I was typed as a FN originally. I’m starting to have my doubts about it as well, are you thinking soft natural?

  19. Sorry for the late reply. It seems like you do suit longer lines, in [this] (

  20. Interesting note about the absence of lower curve! Would you mind explaining a bit more about it? I definitely do feel that I have to accommodate width, I usually look a bit constrained/awkward if I don’t. Also, I absolutely LOVE the yellow dress Tracee Ellis Ross is wearing! Thank you for the links to these posts!

  21. Sure! So from what I can see your hips are comprised of straight angles where straight cut garments (such as the jeans you're wearing) don't cause fit issues like pulling or wrinkling.

  22. I see no conflict here. If I may say so, I think your dream clothes would actually suit you better - at least from what I can see in the pictures.

  23. I agree. OP has a very "lost" and raw impression and I can picture the dream looks invoking an intriguing, elemental person wandering the woods.

  24. I've been going through something similar. I find the style logic of the L+D feels more authentic and less stifling than the R+D in theory (definitely need to practice it to be sure) but receive comments about looking sweet or cute, and doubt edgy styling will suit me. So I think, "does that mean I have to be in the Right Down?". I'm not sure about how I come across to others keywords wise, I'll have to ask some people. But like others have said the internal feelings which lead you to a quadrant are the most important. That's what so great about the system — it's a space for healing and expressing your inner desires.

  25. I think it would be flattering with the emphasis on the waist and the flowy skirt… not sure if strapless is ideal for SNs anyone know?

  26. It gives a sense of openness in the upper body where yes, it accommodates width. However some people prefer to detract attention from their horizontal where they don't like the neckline to be straight across and prefer thick straps or a rounded v-neck. It all comes down to personal preference.

  27. I'm not a mod so take this with a grain of salt but I don't see why not! It'd be just as interesting to see how sensuality manifests in different people. It can serve as inspiration for others. And having your take on how these outfits express that to you still gives some personal insight into your ideas and style. So I'd say don't worry about it :)

  28. I second the berry earrings. With the left dress which is more formal you could do some fruit shaped studs with a shiny finish which is a bit more understated and a sweet subtle nod to the theme, or dangle earrings with some rhinestones for a more sophisticated look.

  29. I like how this is impactful but still communicates (and to the wearer likely feels at) ease. Very interesting

  30. As someone who is considering the Left Down quadrant, this is giving me some ideas as to how I can explore it. Thank you <3

  31. Ah okay! That makes sense! I guess that reflects asymmetry, right?

  32. Good question! I never thought about how a bold lip + subtle eye look or neutral lip + bold eye look could represent asymmetry. I think it's mostly a balancing act as both could be overpowering. As to whether you prefer doing that or an equally light and understated look on the eyes and lips is down to personal preference and maybe some individual features outside of Kibbe :)

  33. I suppose I can be considered an 8 because I have explained styling systems to others on here before. I definitely don't offer my own paid services or claim to know more than the creators. I haven't read books in depth or know my place in every system I'm interested in. I'm also toying with whether I even want to dress for my physical lines anymore as I reassess my priorities. I still like doing some good old-fashioned research to find out what I like and can take inspiration from (3) though :)

  34. Oh no. I've been pretty confident that I'm SN, but 1 and 3 would make me look extremely frumpy and top heavy, and 2 would look great on me. Though I don't love the mock turtleneck, I can pull it off with a sleek lbd. Maybe I need to keep trying to figure out where I fit with kibbe still 🤷🏼‍♀️

  35. If you find you need to accommodate width + curve, you can still be a Soft Natural. When people say "clothes don't have an ID" they mean that not everyone under the same ID will suit the exact same garments equally if that makes sense.

  36. As the others have described really well, there's something raw, untethered and unrefined (not in a bad way) about the Lost Girl. Being unabashed in her self-expression and embracing the messy and complicated sides of life or herself rather than projecting a pristine image.

  37. Interesting I always assumed I was too short to be a flamboyant natural. Maybe my waist is deceiving me. I will experiment thank you!

  38. You can for sure have a narrow waist or high WHR and still be a FN. And there is no minimum height limit (SJP is a verified FN at 5'3"). I wish you the best of luck :)

  39. It looks like you might need double curve accommodation? I'm not 100% certain as some of the photos are taken at an angle where they aren't ideal but that's what I perceive based on these pictures.

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