1. Got the dude out, after a few hours in the water. Centipede it seems. Must have fallen in while changing water. Guess it hid in my water hose nozzle. Still alive. Imagine that. Quite some stamina!!

  2. Okay, help me out, what is Chungus? The side eye is killing me.

  3. Yeah... I don't think you should take a kids word for it and actually go in for the kick.

  4. That wasn't a full force kick, he kicked just hard enough in the proper spot to flip her like that. Any higher, lower, or stronger and she would have gone flying. He either got super lucky or knew what he was doing. You can also see she's laughing after, and judging by the way he reacted I'm guessing she knew exactly what was coming and this wasn't the first time they'd done this.

  5. Don't worry about the white spot he has had it since the day I got him.

  6. Solving disputes with your neighbor's with battle axes?

  7. I love my squeaker! I used to have two, but lost one to a really bad ich infection.

  8. It will more than likely be a scrape from the substrate you are using.

  9. Oh...I wonder how that got in there...I have a cover on the tank and my windows are closed quite often.Any ideas?

  10. They can either come via plants or they can lay eggs in your tank if it is an open top tank.

  11. As someone who is legitimately autistic I have to say the 3rd image weirdly resonated with me...

  12. I got scared and thought I was on facebook for a second...

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