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  1. Knocking on a window. Which happened to us when we moved into our home the first two nights. Then never again

  2. Communicate! Check in with each other often, say I love you often, give random kisses. Do silly things, things that remind you why you fell in love and have chosen to(hopefully) spend the rest of your lives together. A healthy sex life is important too! Make time for each other.

  3. We definitely have a pretty silly relationship and we joke around daily. Always have! It's one of my favorite things about us

  4. Be open and honest with each other. Respect each other’s boundaries

  5. My favorite comment so far. Great advice! Thanks so much

  6. Don't over think! Just say something nice and reassuring that you understand. Say something like "alright! No worries. Have a good one" this is almost... hot, dare I say? Lol. To just accept it and be sweet. I had a guy some up to me in a parking lot asking to "be friends...cause I'm beautiful" in the most threatening way and approaching me walking to my car. He probably thought he was being smooth or whatever. I was scared.

  7. As long as it's cooked or a cali roll you're fine! And I'm sure even the occasional couple pieces of sashimi is fine.

  8. Being super broke. In debt, behind on rent. And getting married next week. We are trying to remain positive and be excited.

  9. Definitely, I’ve always felt like the odd one out growing up but I’ve never known why until recently

  10. Not yet starting soon tho, are you?

  11. I sobbed tears of happiness. I hadn't been able to hold a job and I finally had an answer as to why my anxiety made me sick, I felt stupid, and struggled to do the simplest tasks. I finally had a way to explain it

  12. This is me any time I socialize with anyone outside my home (my husband) anyone else, even family, I feel like I act weird and always am like "dammit. I was so weird today" lol

  13. I'm getting married in 2 weeks to a bigger man (we are 25) and he eats in his undies only most nights (he works long hours and just likes to be comfy) I sometimes wish he wore clothes but just because I like to see him in normal clothes sometimes. But I don't mind at all for any other reason. I can't imagine thinking twice about it. You're a great wife! So sorry someone made him feel that way.

  14. My dogs name is Riley and I call her punkin girl. Not sure why! Lol.

  15. Love it! My favorite is your movie theater on the beach, the farm and the orchard. Great job! 🥰

  16. I used a tee for my pup when she got fixed. Put it on backwards, feet through the arm holes and then tie up around the tail and stitches. Like a diaper. Then untie when he needs to potty. Worked like a charm. And I have a labradoodle. The most obnoxious lol

  17. This cracked me up 🤣 I know you're serious it was just so straightforward

  18. I don't mean this in a negative way, I promise. But.. just stop. You say you don't care but you clearly do or you wouldn't have made an entire post. If she's a healthy weight and you're complaing then just stop. Also, you could see it as a sweet and healthy thing, considering most people that are happy and comfortable in their relationships gain a bit of weight. I gained 25 pounds when I was in the first year of my relationship with my husband. I was sad about it and very sensitive. But he was insanely attracted to me no matter what. That's what's important. If it gets to be unhealthy and concerning then sure. Heart to heart. But not because she doesn't fit into a size 0 anymore. Not a good reason.

  19. Bubbly by colby callet. "Starts in my toes makes me crinkle my noseeee " or whatever. So cringe

  20. I have inattentive. Coffee gives me a rush for like 10 min and then I crash. I can drink a red bull and go to sleep.

  21. Update: she still is having tummy issues. Still has only thrown up once. She's had plenty of water but refuses to touch her pumpkin and rice. Hoping she will eat it when she's ready

  22. Definitely give the vet a call if you haven’t already! Also, be wary of signs of dehydration, as that would be my main concern with diarrhea and vomiting.

  23. She's had lots of water and able to hold it down. Thanks for your answer!

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