1. Thanks everyone for the advice. I had a talk with the landlord about it and unfortunately they were firm on the no pets "rule". While I understand this is not enforceable, I've decided personally it's not worth the fight. Will just seek out pet friendly residences next time around.

  2. I used m+g rum body wash and lotion today and it smells so good.

  3. Thanks!! Excited to try 😃

  4. I personally didn't like the Malin + Goetz lip balm - I found it thick and sticky, which is something I can't handle. I had heard good things about it though, but it turned out to not be for me.

  5. Ooh that's good to know! Not a fan of sticky lip balms either.

  6. I would be there everyday !!

  7. I just finished a three month stint in one of these condos with two family members.

  8. thank you so much for the detailed response! Definitely helps a lot.

  9. Toronto realtor here! Overall, this building is nice. My main gripes would be: lots of construction closeby (kind of everywhere in Toronto though) and the 1 bed layouts are a bit awkward/cramped. Being a new building, it's also not rent-controlled. Finishes are decent and views from a lot of the units are very beautiful. Just steps to St Patrick Subway station which is quite convenient.

  10. Thank you so much! Appreciate it 😊

  11. Your AM is exactly like my AM - a complete failure when it comes to socialization and emotional IQ. And you're right, they act like spoiled children with no idea on how to have healthy interactions with other people.

  12. This made me laugh because my AM recently told someone that she wasn't proud of my successes in school since she values emotional IQ (according to her I fail at this) over academic achievements all of a sudden. Hilarious coming from someone who fails at emotional IQ and acts like a child throwing temper tantrums 🙄

  13. I was super skinny up until I went off to college. Ever since I gained a bit of weight the comments started such as "you're so fat you need to lose weight" "I know you're exercising but I think you actually got fatter" "you need to only eat veggies and drink my special juice" to name a few. I told her to stop recently and she freaked out and played the victim. Immediately it was about how she raised such an ungrateful disrespectful child, she earned the right to make comments as my mother, etc. I'm so sick of it.

  14. I am interested as well! :)

  15. Unfortunately my box arrived damaged and the only item inside was the letter board. Very disappointed.

  16. Yikes that's horrible 😢 definitely contact their CS! They have been pretty good to me from my experience.

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