1. I'm still watching through critical role, I'm late to the party. I'm on ep 63

  2. There's even a mod in Xbox for it. It bothered me as well

  3. Mine was doing this for weeks I had to factory reset my phone before it finally worked

  4. I didn't even know he was available. I'm so behind on this game. I still have summer matches on my list 😂

  5. Marco and Taylor, I wanna see what happens next

  6. Ngl, Wyatt 😩, unless his story is finished and I didn't know lol

  7. I don't have an answer just wondering how you got out without the boots

  8. Iirc they only tell you to go get the jet pack at home and won't let you advance without it but I could be wrong I played it through right at launch and haven't played since

  9. They even have to remind you he's there during the endgame 😂

  10. Love it! What a great gift! She knows you well, it seems!

  11. My forum is broken as well. I got a notice that I got the myte kills but when I go to check it it's gone.

  12. I was beginning to think I was the only one who got this outcome 🤣 even my husband didn't get it. There's a lot to this game, I just started my second run through

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