1. I’m assuming you mean that you don’t want to use any third-person pronouns for yourself? Like “he” and “it” and stuff? That’s not “wrong,” people might have some trouble with it but people have trouble with pronouns too, so I don’t see what the issue is.

  2. UJ/ Yh I don’t like the fact that adding the trans flag implies that the original Pride flag doesn’t include us. Gives creditably to LGB Alliance types using the flag

  3. Uj/ it was never intended to imply that the groups added weren’t already encompassed by the rainbow flag. It was intended as explicit acknowledgement that progress still needs to be made, specifically in the inclusion and rights of underrepresented groups.

  4. I’m so confused as to what this has to do with cis people?

  5. Tbh how many ppl under 25 aren’t mentally ill at this point

  6. Damn. Wonder how he has all this time to argue when he’s so preoccupied with “real issues.” You’d think that would be all he’s doing, instead of worrying about “fake issues” like uhhh…. being asked to be decent to others

  7. Whaaaat? You can’t be transphobic AND trans, silly! My favorite biological trans woman (she’s biologically trans so she’s ok) Blaire White said the shooter wasn’t motivated by bigotry, and she’d know better than anyone!

  8. Idk what’s so funny? Just tell me what the fan base said

  9. If only, that would be way funnier. Naw, I'm on mobile and can't figure out how the hell I'm supposed to hit enter and have the text actually be on the next line

  10. uj/ honestly I was pleasantly surprised by the people who were expressing support on that thread. Wasn’t expecting pics to have that many people on it with basic compassion, even tho it’s also inundated with horrible bastards

  11. If you have insurance, it really should not be that much. Legally they are required to cover FDA-approved birth control at “low or no cost” to you, and this includes IUDs, but might not cover all brands. Is it possible you got a brand and didn’t know it wasn’t covered by your insurance? Did you get anything pre-approved? It’s worth reviewing your insurance’s policy on birth control (specifically IUDs), call them and ask why less than half of the cost was covered. I’d also call the billing department of where you got it placed. If you received any estimates of cost or insurance coverage beforehand and they are lower than what you were charged, you should mention that as well.

  12. Making “permanent changes” to your body is your right as an adult, regardless of her personal opinions. I know that you know this, but it might help to tell her that as well. If she’s as liberal as she says she is, she should understand your right to do as you wish with your body.

  13. Really sucks you had a bad trip like that, man. But it’s only been a day since you had it, so it’s not surprising you’re still shaken up over it. Idk what being on shrooms is like but that sounds awful. But when you had bad trips in the past, you recovered, right? You eventually felt better. You’ll feel better this time too.

  14. I was on POPs for a while and they were fine, despite the fact that they weren’t right for me. Like, they didn’t fix the problem I was taking them for but the side effects I had were minimal. They may have made my periods less regular, but I was taking them FOR irregular/excessive periods so I can’t say they were responsible for that. The worst experience I had was when I forgot to take a pill and my next period was heavier than usual (again, not a rare occurrence for me, so who knows what caused it). I switched to an IUD recently and the process of coming off the pill beforehand was also fine.

  15. It turns out people who say they can tell all trans people form all cis people are actually bullshiting.

  16. Yeah they can tell… every time they can tell. And all the times they assume shit and are wrong they just accuse everyone else of lying, so they’re still right in their heads. Transphobes are like a case study in confirmation bias

  17. Have you tried putting your alarm on the other side of the room?

  18. So you sleep walked? I think a sleep specialist would be the next step.

  19. I appreciate the concern, but I’ve already seen doctors about this. I don’t have a sleep disorder, I have a couple mental illnesses that make it hard to sleep/stay asleep and also make it hard to motivate myself to do stuff in the morning. I’m working on it but for right now I just set 3 alarms 15 mins apart to make sure I’m up and moving! It’s working just fine for me right now, but if I slept next to someone I’d have to buy one of those vibrating alarms I think

  20. Yeah I wish people would spoiler stuff like that at the very least. I know that people aren’t doing it out of ill intent, but transphobia in my feed is still transphobia, regardless of the poster’s intent.

  21. The only reason I can think of to purchase this is if one were planning on pissing on the book

  22. Omw to the fallout subreddit to exclusively refer to Nick Valentine with they/them pronouns and see how many people really think robots are inherently genderless

  23. Fever is absolutely not a normal symptom. When I got my IUD placed last week they told me to come to the doctor right away if I experienced a fever, because that can indicate an infection. Don’t panic or anything, but please call your gyn and maybe get an appointment with them or your primary doctor.

  24. Y’know people just can’t make up their minds. I get told I’m not binary enough to be a “man,” but I’m too binary to be non-binary. Sometimes at the same time? And before I came out people told me I was too “boyish” to be a girl. Just seems like people make up arbitrary rules so they can feel better about themselves

  25. Robert Galbraith??????? Jk Rowling trans????? Is jk Rowling a trans??????? This is hilarious and funny

  26. Jake Rowling owned and destroyed by facts and logic

  27. Ikr???? Imagine someone being trans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s so hilarious because who’d want to do that!!!!! I’m an ally btw

  28. Joe many liberals does it take to change a log by bolb? None , their to busy ???? Their gender 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Libs can’t hire electricians because that’d be creating jobs????

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