[OC] Giveaway! Hand-carved solid wood Dice Box Prototype :)

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  1. Since OP is ignoring the requests for the files

  2. (Work in progress. And yes, that was a bad Judge pun)

  3. I don't really understand how kickstarter works. I thought it was just for startups to fund them while they build up the stuff they need. If you're already established, why use kickstarter?

  4. Everyone can run a Kickstarter. The last campaign I backed was by CD Projekt Red. Who we can very much confirm are not a start-up.

  5. All Linux distros have built-in touch screen support. I'd recommend any distro with GNOME since it's the most practical for touch screen use.

  6. Interesting! So there's no problem using something like Mint or Pop?

  7. Would it be possible to share a link to the file for him?

  8. Just a search of Broken Anvil Henry the Slayer should bring up the results

  9. I think it is an alternative skin for the game GitS: First Assault Online

  10. Other photos here, and even a little video, if you'd like to see more of him!

  11. Can you link the stl? Also your paint job looks awesome

  12. Oh look, a giant red circle and arrow. Haven't seen those on a YouTube thumbnail before

  13. Man, first time I've seen neon yellow on a base rim before. No c&c here, just amazed at how well it works here. Nailed it, that pop of colour really catches the eye. Great choice!

  14. For anybody who might want to see a few more photos + a video :)

  15. Ya this is awesome! Where can I snag one of these?

  16. Head to Etsy and search "A Witcher contract", that should give the results.

  17. If anyone's curious to see any more photos, and a little video :)

  18. Any plans on indivually selling these, or any, on MMF?

  19. If you don't mind higher-than-it-cost-to-buy prices, I can't recommend the Kickstarter exclusive hardcover edition enough. Should be on eBay if you have a search?

  20. These are beautiful first minis, you did so well!

  21. Thank you so much! As for favorites: character wise Starscream, colorwise goes to Skywarp because I love purple.

  22. Your Starscream looks fantastic mate. Keep it up!

  23. Really reminds me of every early '90's toy colour-scheme.

  24. It was likely Omicron (ended up catching it at a friend's wedding, and I am vaxxed) and knocked me out for about a week. Other than some lingering fatigue that also has subsided I'm doing quite fine.

  25. That must feel wonderful, to know you're in a better place now and to get back to something you love!

  26. The guy that designs these minis is awesome, I’ve got a ton of them and have used them in every cyberpunk campaign I’ve run. Killer stuff.

  27. I love Papsikels! The quality of these minis is insane, and being of the era, seeing all my favourite '80's icons getting another moment in the sun is so satisfying to me.

  28. If you'd like to see some more photos of other angles, and a video too, check them out here :)

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