shark meat sold at Japanese supermarket

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  1. Picture that shows why politicians are rich and people are stupid.

  2. He is being bit cheeky. He is a kid. It's upto his parents whether that funny energy turns him into an asshole or a nice guy with full of energy. He is a kid

  3. Look at the lower canines of the badger. Adult ones have upto an inch long. The ones in this Pic is just developing which clearly shows its a juvenile.

  4. That's a juvenile badger. That lioness would have kept her distance if it was an adult.

  5. Those are not crabs.. They are langoustines or called Norwegian lobsters

  6. Never trust a stranger on the street in a tourist city of a European country, especially if they get weirdly handsy with you

  7. Likewise in the Philippines. The government even had to make a law so people here would be punished if they eat dog or cat meat.

  8. I once cooked rabbit meat when few friends came over and nobody ate it. one girl who came that day never spoke to me again and told I'm a monster to her bf who WAS a good friend of mine. I live in Thailand. I'm not their friend anymore. I was just trying to be nice.

  9. Im sure their parents are real nice people!

  10. This fucker actually was in competition with Hitler.

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