1. Do you have access to a 3D printer? I print little loading shovels all the time.

  2. Wait is that actually a psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar?

  3. any way to make this a screen saver or use in something like the steam wallpaper program? I cant recall the name of it.

  4. Wallpaper Engine, and yes it is pretty simple.

  5. Nice! $17 is a killer price and Tally Mon is a great strain.

  6. I once found a big bulldog in my back yard. I don't own a bulldog. He was a big friendly, but slow witted guy. He look healthy and had a collar but no tags so I knew he was a local. I made sure he had water and went to the front yard to start knocking on doors. As soon as I stepped outside I saw the family three houses down all gathered in their front yard. So another case closed for our young detective. I walked over to them and said, "You guys missing a bulldog?"

  7. Is there any specific name for the castle, cow, etc art bellow?

  8. The Land of Make Believe by Jaro Hess, 1930

  9. Awesome paint job! Do you have a link to the STL by chance?

  10. Is this taken at a park? It looks like a spot I want to smoke at lol.

  11. Slurribreath Live Rosin from Ancient Roots was definitely my #1 product of 2021.

  12. I have to disagree. What didn't you like about it exactly?

  13. Give me a call tomorrow at Ohio Cannabis Connection. No hassle at all switching 😊. 513-407-7832.

  14. I can recommend Ohio Cannabis Connection. I went through them and Dr. Guehl made everything super easy and quick. He was also very knowledgeable and answered the questions I had.

  15. Dude, this is sick! Did you design it yourself? If so, would you be willing to make the STLs available? I'd love to be able to print one myself. :)

  16. I don't think any of us would be able to tell you for sure, bud. Are they both the same strain? It could just be a funky smell specific to that strain. If you're concerned though, I would just bring it back to the dispensary and see what they say.

  17. Problem Child, High Divorce Rate, Ex-wife.. Some of these strain names crack me up lol.

  18. Lmao that stem is .02 at most. It's hilarious how people complain about a stem but then bitch about small buds that have hardly any stems and want big buds that do have stems that they then complain about

  19. It's hilarious how people don't realize this post was a joke lol.

  20. Damn that looks good. How was the taste and effects?

  21. So u guys think k this person is lying my guess is when they package these containers they don't put lids on right when they fill the jar. I'm guessing there is 40 jars they fill then slap lips on them all when done filling so why couldn't a bug fly in before the lid goes on and if u think they look in every jar your crazy

  22. There's no way that bug survived in there with no oxygen. Stinkbugs can survive quite a while during the winter without food or water, but it still needs to breathe.

  23. Look, some spiders can hold their breath for 45 minutes underwater. We did a study at Miami University. Roaches can hold their breath for about the same time. And you can’t kill roaches. The stink bugs are very hard to get rid of. And the fact that some people think these bottles are completely sealed with no air getting into them. Trust me they’re not that good of bottles. You need the plastic seal that comes on your butterfly effect containers if you want to make sure there is no air

  24. That bug had to be in there for a hell of a lot longer than 45 minutes though. The OP said the package date was in November and he just opened it in January. I also disagree with your point about the jars not being air tight, but I'm not going to argue about a post that is probably fake anyway lol.

  25. I know this has been discussed to death on here and Pure Ohio has came out and denied it, but look at that last picture and tell me they don't roll their buds in kief lol. I know that some strains can be really kiefy, but every jar I've seen from them has looked like that.

  26. Someone on here reached out to them and they did deny it.

  27. Why press weed? It’s a new concept to me, and I’d rather not remain ignorant to the practice.

  28. As I understand it, pre-pressing the flower gives your plates less surface area to press down on. The less surface area, the more pressure that's able to be applied to the puck of weed.

  29. just finished printing one of my own haha took from christmas to today, probably because its just over a foot lmao

  30. Duudee, you gotta post the big guy!

  31. Close! It is the CR-10S, also from Creality. The Ender 3 was my first printer though. :)

  32. I have a Nugsmasher mini and although I have nothing to compare it to I think it’s great. I did look at the dabpress too but now that it’s been awhile I honestly can’t remember why I ended up going with the Nugsmasher but I think they’re comparable. If you’re on the fence and are a bit of a hobbyist/ like making your own meds I’d absolutely recommend it.

  33. Thanks! The Nugsmasher Mini is one that I looked at as well. 26% is a really good yield from what I've seen. Are you just smashing the nugs in between the parchment paper, or are you using micron bags? What pressure and temperature are you pressing at and for how long?

  34. Yeah 26% is the best I’ve got. Most strains are closer to 20% IME. I use 90 or 120 micron bags, 200F, 2 tons of pressure buildup slowly over about a minute, and then full pressure for about 2 minutes. Admittedly I haven’t tested any other settings because that seemed to work well the first time, and was what the manufacturer recommended.

  35. Right on. I appreciate the info. I've got some more research to do but seeing your results is really making me want to buy myself a press for Christmas lol.

  36. I'm an old stoner, don't know what a nectar collector is.

  37. A nectar collector is a cheap alternative to a dab rig.

  38. It is an indica. The lineage is Sunset Sherb x Lemon OG.

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