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  1. We are in BC, but I talked to the Organigram (Edison) rep yesterday and they are not being discontinued.

  2. Thank you for this, I’ve been trying to refresh the OCS page on jelly cubes multiple times a day to try and grab some more.

  3. I absolutely love me some firecrackers, whenever I would goto a movie or a sporting event I would always bring a pocket full of fire crackers and be melted.

  4. Jpel says:

    The higher quality the input product will relate to a higher quality output product.

  5. Damn I totally missed this and Reddit recap told me I’m in the 1% if top karma earners of 2022. Big sad

  6. Use a hair dryer on the cold air setting or put a fan on them for 10 mins to evaporate the water.

  7. Could this be one of the first LC checks that are infact legit? Swoosh looks legit

  8. I just read through the notion document, but the pricing doesn’t seem to be there?

  9. My guess is Qwertykeys is going to follow suit with the QK line and make it sub $200 🙏🏻

  10. You aren’t wrong, after sleeping on it I think even tho I have a QK65 and I’m waiting on my QK75 that I might as well grab the QK80 as it looks like it’s going to be the best price/premium to date. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

  11. I got a similar looking pair for QC for a PK batch and I don’t understand why all of the panels are so scratched and scuffed up.

  12. Oh wow, I had thought someone was doing this by hand and that’s why it took so long for GMK keycaps to ship out.

  13. I’ve got the Biohazard skin but because I don’t have multilayer I haven’t unlocked the base Konig skin so I can’t access it. Back in WZ1 if we unlocked any skin it let you use it. 💔

  14. I dont own the base game either, all I did to get the base was drop all the way at the end of a BR match and execute one of the AFKs

  15. Ohh thanks for the tip, I thought mine was bugged as I had executed many AI in the DMZ so I thought it would apply.

  16. What is the Tangerine coloured board top centre? Love the variety!

  17. They are scuffs in my personal opinion, I’ve had a lot of pairs of PK batch QC photos and they all look scratched and scuffed to shit not to mention the boxes look like they’ve seen active duty.

  18. My condolences, I wouldn’t smoke this as it could now have glass particles in the resin.

  19. This is the internet; nothing makes sense and don’t get me started on day light savings time.

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