1. cyu says:

  2. cyu says:

    Sometimes I enjoy interacting with my dream characters - sometimes they attack me, and chase me around

  3. cyu says:

    “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.”

  4. cyu says:

    Does the Universe Exist if We're Not Looking? Our observations might actually contribute to the creation of physical reality.

  5. cyu says:

    I once dreamed about two people who claimed to be my parents. But since they were my dream characters, I am the one that created them, rather than the other way around.

  6. cyu says:

    When I dream, my subconscious creates everything not controlled by my conscious mind - including computer scientists

  7. cyu says:

    Do unto myself as I would have me do to me.

  8. Ahh yes when you look at solipsism through the lens of ego it is very lonely.

  9. cyu says:

    Yes, I am the piano, the world is my song

  10. I'm loosing hope of waking up before it's too late... This nightmare seems to never end... Why is suffering required in order to wake up? Why so much suffering?

  11. cyu says:

    Sometimes I have good dreams, sometimes I have bad dreams. Unless I get into

  12. I wish i could know how to become lucid in this dream... Like, knowing that this is a dream seems to make no difference, so, what is necessary in order to become REALLY lucid and powerful here? That's the big question that really matters... Oh man... Until recently my life was relatively normal, and now i know that all of this is a dream, like wtf ???? Know everything starts to make sense, in my dreams things always go wrong to me, it's programed to be that way, in wake life is no different, i have to become lucid to stop my suffering, i have no other choice... Including, there are times when I became lucid in dreams because I realized that things were going wrong for me, that's right, I became lucid simply because things were going wrong for me, it wasn't possible that all that bad luck was just a mere coincidence... And in fact, it was not a mere coincidence, and there is a synchrony of this programming between dreams and real life, the suffering only stops or diminishes when I become lucid, so here it must be the same thing... But how can i become lucid...?

  13. cyu says:

    When I dream, realizing it's a dream is not enough to control it. Controlling the dream is based on the most basic assumptions about reality.

  14. I’m also very skeptical about mainstream solipsism and and I used to be a solipsist in that sense. I think thinking “you” are the only aware person can easily lead to narcissism and the definition of “you” is very misunderstood. Are you a biological organism made out of cells which happened to be aware? Can you point out to who/what is aware right now? Or is everything pure consciousness and “you” are one of its infinite fragments that in total create reality?

  15. cyu says:

    To me, morality and truth are different things. I may see a tiger eat an antelope, and I may not like it, but that doesn't make it less true. Maybe I don't want to believe it, because I fear meat-eating tigers, but that doesn't mean they don't eat meat.

  16. cyu says:

    Look here and be enlightened

  17. Brains don't do anything. The mind is independent of the brain

  18. cyu says:

    Do the characters in my dreams have experiences? Perhaps they do, but I can't see it unless I'm in their POV.

  19. cyu says:

    When I imagine opponents and monsters in my dreams, they may make me angry, or afraid, but in the end, I'm just angry and afraid of my own subconscious.

  20. cyu says:

    When I dream, anything that exists in the world is something I know about. If I don't know about it, it doesn't exist yet. As soon as I forget about it, it disappears from existence.

  21. cyu says:

    I once dreamt that it's dreams all the way down.

  22. cyu says:

    When something is true, it is true even when I don't want it to be true

  23. cyu says:

    All the fruits and trees that I see were dreamt up by me

  24. cyu says:

    I love playing super mario brothers. But even more things in there try to make me suffer than the "real" world. If they didn't try to make me suffer, the game would no longer be fun and engaging, and I would no longer love it.

  25. cyu says:

  26. ok one question, how can i make sure that i am not the omnipotent one here? i could create god, right?(that makes two questions)

  27. cyu says:

    If I dream about God, then God is a creation of my own mind

  28. cyu says:

    When I sleep, as soon as I lose consciousness, "time" jumps forward to when I regain consciousness again. The fact that clocks appear to have moved forward is just because I assumed they would.

  29. cyu says:

    I used to believe my mind existed inside my body.

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