1. And this isn’t even an exaggeration. DJ, Barkley, and Gano have been absolutely vital to the 3-1 record.

  2. We are a three legged point machine. Sounds Big Dickish

  3. That's not how it works. Collecting taxes is the government's responsibility not his. The wealthy not paying taxes is 100% the fault of the government.

  4. I don't understand how any country let's a corporation operate within its borders and does not force it to pay taxes.

  5. All inside 128 and unaffordable to a working family.

  6. That's what makes them great! No poor people!!!

  7. OP probably figured since the Cowboys have a 8-4 record since 2016 against the Eagles and swept them last year that they probably have a decent shot at embarrassing the eagles again.

  8. I think he's going to need training wheels after Parsons eats his legs

  9. We'll almost certainly lose, but the Ravens have a mediocre receiving core. I feel like we could play McKinney down in the box as a qb spy . Wink might have those Ravens secrets too.

  10. KT is going to own Lamar. You heard it here first

  11. I’ll take another dub any day! Tyrod you gotta be smarter than that bruh, can’t be risking your health when the starter gets hurt dummy, but we won and I’ll take it for now. Still a LONG way to go on both sides of the football but a win is a win

  12. He was like, i'll show you who the real back up is Daniel!!!

  13. Wonder how far this offense goes with some actual healthy receivers who can get open smh

  14. We'll never know. If Saquon doesn't get traded he won't get resigned and DJ more than likely won't be here next year either. FUCK THE EAGLES!!

  15. I thought they were a college team for a second

  16. Love how people are already labeling Thibs a bust. He could be but damn 1 game and a quarter is way too small a sample size

  17. it’s not a great performance (lyrics were still a WIP..) but that’s not why they don’t clap. usually, when Zep debuted a new song the crowds would be quiet. look at the first Stairway To Heaven performance for example

  18. I mean I wasn't jumping around and applauding the first time I heard walk by Pantera. You're just sitting there listening and realizing you're hearing something that is changing the game at that moment

  19. I believe this is the champion of all Brak songs

  20. Looks like Venezuelan oil is back on the menu boys!

  21. I'd rather eat asshole than be a fucking seminole

  22. Sorry, I quit eating ass when i quit smoking in prison. Taste buds came back

  23. The fog is getting thicker... and Leon's getting laaaaaarrrrrgger

  24. MA housing prices didn't drop after 2008, why would they drop now?

  25. Proces did drop after 2008 and began rising again in 2014.

  26. This place is about two doors down from "Doomsday Tactical." This is a bleak little village on an otherwise lovely drive. The fact that the "Trump Store" is an old church is all you really need to know.

  27. Heah, I drove past there when I got lost and holy fuck was I smiling ear to ear at the what the fuckism of it all. Didn't think that shit existed in the real world. Thought I was transported to the dotard sub reality

  28. Any fortune 500 company is at will employment. This is huge in that it will set a standard knowledge of pay for everybody of similar position throughout the nation

  29. I think the drought is a Liberal plot to punish the God fearing Christian trumpers in Kneebraskie

  30. Lol. I went to the omaha area this summer and didn't understand why there were no trees. It turns out the reason for that is because the great plains get typically less than 30" of percipitationper year and can't sustain large tree root growth. I read this as my wife was driving and we were driving past huge corn fields being watered by ginormous irrigation drip systems. I. Dure they're using alot more than the 30" allotted annually on a regular year to water all the corn in the world. Crazy thing to behold on such a large scale

  31. Huh? I live in the Omaha area and we are heavily forested. Perhaps your idea of "the Omaha area" is more liberal than mine.

  32. I liked this album but Jar of Flies is a part of the soundtrack to my life. Love that fucking album

  33. Dirtona is forecasting 28 plus inches of rain before its all said and done through today. Trench man has done his part. What about you?

  34. Lol all you fat asses in the comment will never be in any physical condition to play in the NFL so stop. Also, he can dress however he wants if he's terrorizing QBs...

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