1. Oof! With 4 of those 6 on the offensive side of the ball, that can't feel promising

  2. Tank Commander Mariota & First Lieutenant Ridder have all the support they need.

  3. This is explicitly dead cash, not dead cap.

  4. Yeah, I was confused. I've personally never heard the term dead cash before, but apparently it's paying someone while they do not play or play for a different team.

  5. Well, let's see where we're ranked.

  6. 2012 NFC championship. We would of beaten the ravens

  7. Going in I felt the NFL wanted the Har-Bowl. Great story for the league. We didn't play our best, but there were more than a few questionable calls that went against us. Only one that went our way shouldn't have happened anyway (Douglas tripping while left wide open on the sideline).

  8. The ‘ol Will Smith experience. He always keeps it interesting….

  9. He thought he gave up the slam there.

  10. I have not missed the Will Smith experience...

  11. Help me out here, because I don't follow the Falcons closely enough to know this...

  12. Roddy White defended Matt while he played and since he retired.

  13. Thanks for the context, that's super helpful.

  14. No problem, didn't rub me the wrong way. I feel like a lot of our players are down the same way as Ryan by the national media. At least now they have a reason to ignore us.

  15. Got in an argument with another Falcons fan this past weekend that said he was happy Ryan was gone because he "Never had good games and was a liability". I texted him this stat this morning.

  16. Aww, and I was prepping the "Ridley got a year for gambling while Warson got X games for sexual assault" post.

  17. I would also mention the 2017 Divisional Round game against the Eagles as well. Bunch of little things that just went the wrong way.

  18. Yeah people like to pretend that beating a sub 500 team is automatic, until it's there own team losing to them. Even the worst teams still get 60 wins a year, and many of those are against playoff contenders. One of the things that separates a good team and a great team imo is that a great team can consistently handle games against the bad teams, but a good team splits a lot more of those.

  19. I don't remember where I heard it, but every season I try to remember this: You're going to win 54, you're going to lose 54. It's what you do in the other 54 that matters.

  20. For a nerd like me, that is a classic West Wing reference.

  21. You know what, I think that's it. I've watched the series probably a half dozen times now but didn't remember the quote from there.

  22. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like the ball is going further for us now than the start of the season. Seemed like we were constantly having warning track power and losing to bloop hits. Now suddenly we are blasting everything.

  23. Falcons, feel like our ceiling is 3 wins this year. We could go 0-17 and I would only be mildly shocked.

  24. God, losing a pet is so brutal. I know I sound like a psychopath saying this, but I skipped a day of work when my cat died because I couldn’t stop crying. But I laughed my ass off at each of my parent’s funerals. And I loved my parents!

  25. My dog is a rescue we found and adopted to prevent him going to a bad situation (his breed is commonly used as bait dogs for dog fighting). Last year, he was diagnosed with IVDD. This year, the vets told us he's actually about 2 years older than they thought, putting him firmly in the rank of "senior".

  26. If Ryan and Sanu both got called for offsetting penalties I don’t think it would wipe out the hold. You would need another penalty to offset that one

  27. The penalties offset due to the Double Fouls rule. Since all penalties occurred during the play, they all offset.

  28. I thought major penalties (like facemasking) were in a separate category as minors (like holding). So the majors offset and you’re left with the minor.

  29. Holding is also a major penalty.

  30. I feel like we have a very good chance to be picking #1 overall in 2023, and here's my reasoning.

  31. Probably going to catch heat, but I think that is the perfect description of Peyton and Brady.

  32. Why do you think I dropped the Falcons flair? Matty Ice deserved far better for what he's done.

  33. I wish I could get the drunk Falcons flair on here, because right now you kind of need to be a little drunk to support this team.

  34. There's been a slow build to "shit on the Falcons" for the past week on here. Funny thing is OP is a Lions fan, so we can't post anything like this for them since they haven't won a playoff game in 30 years and never been to a Super Bowl.

  35. Looks like the Falcons took a big lead two times in a row that year. The second time just didn’t work out very well.

  36. It was our MO to get a big lead over people over the final stretch of 2016.

  37. I understand no challenge, there was no clear evidence Acuna touched home. If the call was safe, it would have been near impossible to overturn as well.

  38. You’re not allowed to impede the runners path to the plate

  39. The catcher is not permitted to block the runner's path to the plate unless he is in possession of the ball. His knee dropped when he caught the ball.

  40. Matt Ryan was mic'd up for this game

  41. Outside of the obvious, we tiptoe around Vick in general as a fan base. We're still pretty divided on him, the last time it really heated up was the 2016 NFC championship when he was on the field in a drop top with Roddy White.

  42. He is still adored by a significant contingency of the fan base that believe Blank did him wrong.

  43. Even worse on that play is when you remember Sanu was tackled by his facemask in front of the official and there was no flag.

  44. Def a chip. Julio is wide open for the TD, Ryan had no time

  45. Robinson, not Julio. Julio was coming across on a drag and drew in 2 defenders, leaving Robinson 1 on 1, and he beat his man.

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