1. I went through something similar I just bought a wifi USB which enabled wifi temporarily. After that I downloaded all the necessary drivers using the wifi USB, after that I can use wifi without the wifi USB.

  2. Let’s give the new player a very hard monster at the beginning with unbelievable hitbox area where he will fucking breath next to you and you dead Oh and his move sets ? Holy shit yea frank that’s a great idea!

  3. Get gud scrub lol. Don't be greedy like everyone's saying, you might be attacking without dodging, take your time, use the entire mission time to learn its moveset, learn the delays on his attack, after that you'll be able to counter or dodge his attacks easily, plus it only gets harder after that. We got monsters with massive aoe attacks, one shot attacks, attacks that deals massive dot, and etc. Magnamalo is a skill wall for you, so get gud.

  4. That's a nope bro, you can buy a build with a gpu included at that price. Also, the cpu, motherboard, etc are all outdated, better to build one yourself.

  5. Ye bro, that's supercool, overclockong it will give you better temperatures

  6. Buy a midtower cooler, like the ak620, I play elden ring, and cyberpunk, and the hottest it's been is 57c

  7. I highly doubt it’ll fit in this PC assume if it’s an ASUS prebuilt

  8. I'd consult the pcbuildhelp subreddit about this. Do you have any background applications/software that's pulling alot of power from your gpu and cpu, while playing the game? Try closing them, via task manager.

  9. The birds in storm veil Castle, and farum azula was a bltch in my 1st playthrough.

  10. Hi from what I read from the comments, you've bought a b450 motherboard, this is an older gen motherboard that needs a bios update to work with the newer 5000 series cpus, such as the 5600x you've bought from amazon. It is possible to do this without a cpu, if you want to do this, you can go to YouTube, and search it up, majority of the searches are reliable and will work.

  11. I remember going through a cave, then suddenly arriving at altus plateau.

  12. Damn bro, you really asking a subreddit dedicated to elden ring on which game is better??

  13. Why dont you buy the series x? It would be able to handle current games better than xbox one.

  14. Faith/dex, gonna try a strength build next playthrough.

  15. Beat him using radahns gs, it was a nightmare.

  16. That was a mimic tear ashes, it can be obtain through nokron I think.

  17. I don't think legs plays a big part in the story, you're probably just overthinkong

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