One Piece: Episode 1033

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One Piece: Chapter 1060

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One Piece: Chapter 1059

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  1. Damn 😳 anyway its cool if she gets those daggers back for second ex

  2. I don't think i've ever come across an Umbreon hater

  3. I don't care about Dexit and completely fine with a limited amount of pokemon per game

  4. Congrats dude. Tomorrow I’m going to have her C1… yea it’s a long way ahead

  5. oh is she back in the store tomorrow? I can finally get c2! road to c6 is so far though..

  6. Zack Fair in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

  7. Following interviews with Asano Team, they told the interviewers that the bravely saga will continue because they were satisfied with the results,but us fans have to be patient. Bravely Default 3 or third will probably arrive within 2 years and hopefully in a newer console...

  8. Lets hope its in line with the first 2 games. I enjoyed BDII, but I still prefer the originals

  9. oh no, are we going to start seeing those "should I buy the Switch now or wait for the Pro?" posts all over again?

  10. I was on the wait camp, but I can't miss that Scarlet Violet model, plus my launch model is starting to overheat

  11. Its pretty bad. The framerate constantly drops. Menu is laggy, audio cuts off, game crashes and it makes my system run harder.

  12. Yeah I really would prefer voice acting and I'm one of the weirdos who would prefer pokemon to say their names like in the anime.

  13. Game visually looks pretty good to me, beautiful even i'd say

  14. Im so happy!! This show always felt so comforting to watch and I love Gojo and Marin. Hope the dub doesn't take too long to do.

  15. omg this episode was insane! it really felt like watching movie

  16. damn I really gotta save primos now.I have a guranteed pull, but I dont even know what my pity is at since the history reset..

  17. The game looks better the more I see it. its actually closing in as my most anticipated game this year

  18. I enjoyed it too. Thought it had the best combat

  19. WTF is this chapter?? This was so much to take in! 10/10 easy! Also damn it Oda always teasing Luffy's dream.

  20. So far the only difference I’m seeing is the controls. You don’t use the Switch’s touch screen so far as I’ve seen, just buttons, and that’s a welcome change for me

  21. thank god pokemon cafe mix was touch screen only and I usually play on dock

  22. Really hope we can use our mobile file.

  23. are all tops aside from button ups in this game tucked in??

  24. Glad to finally see more Koby relevance in the story. Hope he has some moments to shine with his training though.

  25. WTF, I did not expect this lmao. One Ok Rock was my shit back in like early 2010's, never ever would've expected them to end up doing a Sonic song of all things. I highly recommend their early albums if you want just shameless high tempo Japanese emo alt-rock, it's so good.

  26. yeah found them through the rurouni kenshin movie, they are awesome!

  27. This looks amazing! Hope i can manage to buy one on launch day.

  28. I definitely want Dehya and Cyno, but apparently Venti is coming with him?? So I will have to skip him unfortunately. Also want Kusanli eventually and all archons

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