1. I guarantee you TLC is not paying Gucci purse type money

  2. I read a lot and I’m always asking my bf hypothetical questions based on something the characters have done. Doesn’t mean I’d do it, it’s more like I’m checking now realistic the situations are.

  3. My old place had vents under the bathroom cabinets. The cabinets set up high enough that you’d see the bottom half of kitties sticking out form under them and another napping in the sink lol

  4. What are you talking about? I don't think Boosts hires redditors to advertise. I wish lol

  5. I had someone accuse me of the same thing because I was speaking out against treating the agents like shit

  6. Poor baby looks like he feels bad. I’m glad he knew love in his final days and I hope you ripped the shelter a new one. It sounds like he had wet FIP. That shit is EXTREMELY contagious. I’m sure he wasn’t the only kitty to receive poor care.

  7. For me, it was pulled muscles (the same ones that always hurt after seizures) plus my tongue bitten and bleeding

  8. I have a cat with IBS. I often add charcoal (for fish tanks) to the litter box since it absorbs odors

  9. Screw him is fine... but look at that carnage, they took out men, women, and kids in that shit..

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