LPT: If your pet uncharacteristically starts having random “accidents,” do not start scolding as it could be a sign of a serious issue. Mine starting having accidents last week. Today he was put to sleep and all I can think about was how tough I was on him because of things he had no control over.

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  1. The only thing I get is Debt collectors and scam Companies calling my son asking for some other guy. At least three calls a day. I'm about to start pretending I'm that guy and fuck with them like this.

  2. I started telling them I was bumping uglies with their mom… they would yell at me and I would laugh and they would leave me awesome voice mails

  3. On the plus side, I am getting less auto warranty calls! Lol

  4. I kinda miss those calls because they wouldn’t warranty a 1991 geo metro!

  5. Same thing happened with the family/my patents dog( we had her since 2004). I was watching the dog while my parents were out of town in 2019 and she would have accidents on the floor. I kinda knew her end was coming so I let her up on the couch, I let her have some steak I cooked and made her as comfortable as possible. 2 months later she passed away in her bed. She lived a great life and I’m glad I knew this earlier!

  6. like others said usually a mesh is the usual barrier. i’ve seen dried moss used in the same place as the mesh

  7. I’ll have to look into the moss option! I was just looking to reduce,reuse, recycle option but I’ll just sell the under gravel filter and go from there!

  8. SerpaDesign has a video going through a few options, and he talks a bit about sphagnum moss too :)!

  9. Thank you! Your heaven sent! Currently binge watching his YouTube channel!

  10. I believe in some higher being. I still believe that there’s something out there I just choose not to believe in one single religion. I’d like to believe that there’s something out there and there’s something I’m working for but I don’t believe in setting crazy rules in life… if I want to have a beer o drink coffee.. ect.. I don’t think those make me a bad person! I believe that if there is a higher power he will judge me by how I conduct myself. I’ve been to church, I’ve went on a mission and now I’m in a time in my life where Im living life to its fullest! I do participate in things that go against the WOW, I work my ass off, i try my hardest to keep a positive outlook on life and lift people up around me…I just don’t feel like I need to spend 3 hours in church telling me I need to be a better person!

  11. All these tall and spacious buildings.. I though the BOM talked about this🤔

  12. Bought polygon first at .30 And it’s produced! Super bullish on it and will continue to buy!

  13. 1/2 wolf 1/2 man 1/2 gator.

  14. Does what go with any hestras?!

  15. I do love pocket bacon on the mountain!

  16. I for one could go for 48 inches of snow! But 5-6 will work I guess.

  17. Slick!! Is that a 686 coat aswell??

  18. Make an appointment with me and I’m sure we could get ya there ;)

  19. I just might have to! You do online appointments?! Dm me!

  20. I hope to be a somewhat decent person! I know I have things I could do better at. In all reality I should really let somethings out and I found out that work offers free counseling sessions so I plan on taking full advantage of that! Thanks for your positivity I appreciate it!

  21. I’m curious too: do you just put it in jars without any preserves? Do you vacuum seal the jars or do you just close them? Does harvested aloe dry up? Does it get moldy?

  22. We end d up just putting it in jars and putting them in the fridge. It’s suppose to stay good for a while. This was my first time harvesting it!

  23. I just save it for sun burns and on the occasion that I burn myself while welding!

  24. We can make that happen😂

  25. 2000 XJ and a 2012 GMC Sierra

  26. Love the photo dump! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Solid work! Congrats on that achievement!

  28. Look into Stan Efferdings Vertical diet. (Sorry i didn’t look up a websight for you)

  29. How did the tempest hold up for a season, Are you gonna use it again? How did it hold up warmth wise?

  30. It’s a pretty decent coat. I’ll probably use it again for another season. It kept me warm all winter. Only complaint is it being a pullover. Especially since I wear bibs. Over all 7/10 from me

  31. Bike season is over in CO? I’m still trying to go this weekend?

  32. I’m sure you could still get some in! I’m sure I could get a few more rides in but it just snowed and I’m ready for ski season!

  33. Looks awesome! But bike season is never over, it just transitions to fat bike season around this time 😁

  34. This is true.. I better get a fat tire bike!

  35. There’s one word to sum up people like this.. Cunts!

  36. You must’ve enrolled in his email list, he sends a daily motivation email. If that’s the case you can scroll to the bottom and find an unsubscribe button.

  37. I’ve unsubscribed 5-10 times… I still get the emails. I fucked up by subscribing!

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