FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested, Bahamas Says

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  1. Those used to be a thing, I think I forgot about that by now.

  2. Lol these companies are such scumbags. If you show any loyalty to a brand in any capacity, you’re an idiot. They’ll nickel and dime you for every last drop. And if they put on that phony persona of “we’re not out to scam our loyal customers,” it’s only because they either can’t do it legally or haven’t figured out a way to do so.

  3. That is just how it is for them it is all about making money as long as they are making money they do not care.

  4. The banner in himself is showing that his depression on next level.

  5. I just couldn't even take the first bite of the chicken which mom made. Bruhhhhhhh I am crying!

  6. Sometimes it's the words that can deadly than the person action.

  7. Crazy how powerful machines were when they had to push 17 total pixels lmao

  8. The past time they actually used to make the real powerful machine.

  9. we are witnessing the ending of the Netflix documentary live

  10. Lol I would like to watch another series now, it's time for that.

  11. Already have been from the starting and I have mentioned it from my Times. If you look at my previous comment and you would know that I have been warned about the sing from so many months

  12. No doubt about it, I think that it is one of the best one during this market.

  13. Has your friend already tried loaning on a bank or not?

  14. As your attorney I advise you to take a hit out of the small brown bottle in my shaving kt..

  15. Gsus chicks really do dig giant robots

  16. I’m not allowed to go to or work at shelters because I’d bring all the babies home.

  17. The hat makes me want her to be the star in a new archaeological series in the cliber of Indy ro The Mummy!

  18. Does the sweater stay on as it moves?! Also upvted for the cutest snake name ever

  19. Herre gud,känns inte alls som 7 år sedan.

  20. What happened to her. She was on the fats track to strdom and then dropped off the map.

  21. Why is Corsica in a different color than France?

  22. It'd help to reveal if photos are ‟enhnced” or treu color.

  23. So uh, Mr. Two Axes is cool and all but what in Sigmar’s name is that monstrosity behind it, belchng fire

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