A Definitive Guide to Trav Horking

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  1. I'm just chucking out my main Pokemon so he'll take out everything that isn't shiny.

  2. I didn't realise it was random. Can you change it?

  3. English is my first language and it still doesn’t make sense. It was probably a drunk text or typo that rents space in his head for whatever reason that only makes sense to him.

  4. This might be it. I just find it interesting that the second "to" is capitalized.

  5. What does Nuzlocke have to do with this?

  6. What base should i use for enigma ap?

  7. I prefer Mage Plate because it has low strength requirement, looks good, and has decent defense. Not that defense matter much.

  8. Hey man, sorry to awaken a two month old thread but someone linked me to this and I've been using it the past few days - got up to the build just using one Grief and its amazing already, can't wait to move into the full build so ty for that!

  9. Ah, yes! This is very annoying. Are you on PC? If you are, you can press F to zoom in. That will make sure you can see all items.

  10. Lowering your MF will not help. Rather the opposite.

  11. Doesn’t mf increase set Chance more than unique chance at a certain point?

  12. Nope, it's the other way around. Uniques are the highest tier.

  13. Love designs like this. Olly Moss did one as well which I think is exceptional.

  14. This is why you don’t have a cube on you 😂

  15. My brother in Christ do you not have a cube on you?

  16. Try that shit on console… you can’t open inventory and still play…my 92 HC Necro got killed that way 😞

  17. You have "Loot to cube" now. Free inventory space.

  18. You can do this on console too. Open stash, left trigger to open cube, pick up item, press B/O/A to close the cube window, put the item in your stash.

  19. This season I decided to build horker it's been fun but I was really stalled before I had any wealth to build grief. I also built a cold sorces to farm all the areas and cow so I could obtain a Lo. This worked out well and I made the grief pretty much a must have if you want to trav run. I really like the season combo of a cold sorc and a horker. If no good area is terrorized I simply do trav runs with the barb. So far I havn't horkerd any great runes but I have had some luck on gear. I have horked a soj and I have gambled a mara's alot of skiller gc's plus facets all around a fun magic finder indeed. I really like you guide yeah I think the data shows if you hork trav good things will eventually happen.

  20. Glad to hear this was helpful, and congrats on the SoJ and gambled Mara! I've gambled a BK Ring but that's about it. I recently posted stats from my 10000 Trav runs, but I'm a bit scared of running Trav now with some reports of bans because the playstyle resembles bots.

  21. Yeah it's funny what we are doing is essentially botting but there is a human behind the control panel. The terror zones have been a real blessing I find it super relaxing to magic find somewhere else. I understand the trav is most efficient but it is nice to mix it up a bit

  22. 100%! I did 2000 Trav runs this season but have been mostly farming TZs and lvl 85 areas on my Fohdin in p2/2 or p3/1. It's been insane how profitable it's been.

  23. Definitely P1 horker. Get Find Item chance to around 75%. You will get 24,75 extra drops each run on average.

  24. Paladins are really strong in HC with all their defensive auras.

  25. I made a guide on Trav horking some time ago if you check my post history.

  26. Any tips on a beginner Horker? Never tried one before, and currently my only season 2 character is a 72 Hammerdin still in Act 3 hell

  27. I made a guide on this if you check out my post history. Personally, I wouldn't do it without a Grief, but plenty people have started with Oath, Unbending Will etc.

  28. So you're saying every grand charm that drops from lets say terrorized chaos sanctuary IS a Baal charm, that can be rolled just like any Baal charm?

  29. That is correct. Every GC in TZ after 89 is a "Baal charm".

  30. Tal armor on my second cow run in SP offline. Always pop.

  31. I’m a 94 paladin with 2.8k life, max block, max resists, 18% DR, ~11k defense…

  32. Can confirm. Paladin here with similar stats, and dolls are the only thing I fear, outside of DC. Lost my first ladder Paly to a DC, second one to a Deseis spawn on my head. Third times the charm...

  33. It felt like Forgotten Tower didn’t come up as often. I’ve only seen it on rotation maybe 4-5 times, RNG indeed does have it low on the totem pole.


  35. Think what you will of the site but you do generally get better and quicker offers on jsp while you don't have to wade through offers from lowballers

  36. WW is the best option for Trav. It requires no synergies so you can easily reach 75% Hork chance and still max out Battle Orders.

  37. Trav is where it's at. 3 Vex, 2 Ohm, 1 Ber, 1 Cham in 1360 runs.

  38. Since the introduction of Terror Zones, you will have >40 Life charms drop from all monsters in the TZ after a certain level.

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