1. Yeah it’s got all kinds of weird stuff but it’s fun and cathartic and entertaining. Prime minister is literally running around the city trying to get laid. British dude walks into a bar in Milwaukee and runs into 3 super models that are out of their mind horny among other bizarre things but who cares?

  2. Yeah I guess I'm not getting the article cause they're just describing the jokes and absurdities we're meant to laugh at?

  3. Basically, they are talking about 2 things. 1- they put ugly logos on otherwise nice looking clothes so that people buy the expensive stuff without the logo instead. 2- websites allow prominent negative reviews of their cheap products (which may be purchased) so you buy the more expensive version instead, due to the reviews

  4. Those type of reviews would just give me the impression the brand in general is bad, so sounds like it could backfire.

  5. People seem to forget the crusades were to take back landed conquered by the Muslims.

  6. I see what you’re saying, but this is like saying that North American Natives who now live in, say, Europe, have no right to their parents/ancestor’s land.

  7. That makes no sense. It would be more like, if some people in France decided they like a religion of a native American tribe, and so came over and started ransacking towns and taking them over in the name of the native Americans. Actually even if they were native American, you still can't just come and take things by violence. By the time of the first crusade, it had been hundreds of years since the Muslims took control. The ones living there at that point, their only crime was being born there.

  8. History Channel, Animal Planet, and PBS Kids would also be pretty helpful. Hopefully.

  9. If only history channel wasn't actually the alien channel.

  10. I hate indoor vapists. If you’re vaping the nicotine-filled stuff to quit smoking; good for you, but do it outside please.

  11. I don’t mind OP’s bio, but the statement of those issues front and center in a profile as part of a tiiiiiny snippet of who someone is is certainly a political statement.

  12. I think the context is that they are issues that could affect them in particular; what if they have black friends, or lgbt friends, or she's bi, or wants an abortion. What someone thinks on one issue is insight into who they are as a person, regardless of how much time they put into thinking about it or "politics".

  13. DRK 70, before then you can't use your mp on anything but the damage ogcd, you're basically an armored dps.

  14. I would say reaper, but reaper doesn't feel like a job until 88

  15. Yeah even though rpr feels generally fine with enshroud, it has to build up to it until 88 where they get a real opener.

  16. Can we get a smoking emote, like, for real though? One of my favorite parts of LOTRO was standing around and smoking my pipe! Alcohol is openly partook, and we see lots of NPC's sitting around smoking pipes, let us do it, too !

  17. This exactly, I don't understand the double standard between alcohol and smoking.

  18. That sounds like a great argument for ending corn syrup subsidies

  19. I would go a step further and just put limitations on HFC in food at all.

  20. so they can keep selling the 9th gen at the same price without cutting it, and people will think it’s a good deal

  21. What's wrong with Android tablets? There is no pressing need in any situation to buy an Apple product. People just want it anyway apparently.

  22. where did i say android tablets were wrong??? you’re not even talking about the same thing i was discussing

  23. I don't know why you're getting down voted, maybe all these people haven't actually played Bayonetta. I'm a big fan, but let's be real, the characters don't actually talk all that much, this isn't an rpg.

  24. This is the uncomfortable truth a lot of people overlook. From everything I’ve read and heard from people in the service industry, the consensus seems to be that tipping is a very good thing for the employees who receive the tips. They would probably make less money with a flat wage.

  25. This is still ridiculous though, because there are countless other menial jobs that are not tied to a tip system. What makes the waiters so special?

  26. Yes, I would feel much safer if I wanted to see it in Greece than traveling to Egypt, which is not at all safe for women or LGBT people! They can get it back when they pull their heads out of their ass.

  27. There was thought put into deciding the procedure. Following an existing procedure is simple.

  28. I'm not that guy, but I also cancelled prime years ago with no remorse. Works fantastic. I only buy things I actually need now. Basically I spend at least 95% less money overall, thousands a year in savings. When I do need something, I check search results, often getting things cheeper, with free shipping and better brands with less chance of knockoffs.

  29. You can just look up the better products separately then find them on Amazon.

  30. Everyone in this comment section has no respect for religion. People have different religions and these peeps can’t accept that.

  31. Religion has a terrible habit of having no respect for humans. More than not in the world would want me dead for being gay. I owe them nothing.

  32. Honestly I still don’t understand why this is still an argument. But for posterity sake explain to me why android is the better option “in your opinion” I’m honestly curious.

  33. Apple is more "hands-on" with what they allow onto the store, and that's all you can run; the Android store is not restricted by the first party's (Google) own financial interest, since they just make the operating system. Sure the hardware manufacturers try to make their own software but they can't get away with anything like blocking the existing platform. So, there's just more stuff in general that's allowed, especially when it comes to your own media, as well as having more ownership of your own data, and being able to use a variety of different hardware with a standardized OS. Android manufacturers/industry is selling you a handheld PC, Apple is selling you a subscription (they eventually will become obselete on purpose) to a gated community that they are dictator over.

  34. Standard user journey doesn't involve jailbreaking the phone. Also I never mentioned IT.

  35. Useful terms are useful. I still explained it in plain English. People are very bad at recognizing a variety of biases.

  36. They don't want you to be able to craft stuff in your workshop every day cause this would trivialize the supply and demand mechanic. They instead want you to plan ahead and pay attention to items with rising demand so that you can identify the "low earning" workdays and make those the rest days for that week.

  37. If they want to limit progress by X, they can just split it across 7 days instead of 5. I'm not asking for uncapped rewards.

  38. Industrialization is a hell of a drug. The weapons aren't just better, but they can be manufactured at scale.

  39. Oh god, if Subs and Ships arrive to normal houses, that's financial incentive to buy as many houses as possible. Shit.

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