1. This is so mean :( what an incredibly thoughtful gift. Like another poster said, a little white lie would not have hurt anyone.

  2. My ultimate fave is Miller Harris Tea Tonique- smells exactly like fresh tea leaves. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea comes a close second.

  3. Ok but Teddy on a bicycle was hilarious to watch. I quite like the man, seems sound and emotionally intelligent (though the bar is arguably low for this season’s cast). Hope we see more of him and Faye!

  4. She gives me Olivia Atwood vibes. Somewhat self-aware but ultimately brings on the chaotic energy. She’s not perfect but I get the sense that she has good intentions. I find myself rooting for her. Personalities likes hers are what fuels this show!

  5. I 👏🏼LAID DOWN 👏🏼THE 👮🏼LAW 👩🏼‍⚖️

  6. Did anyone not get doubles room? I applied with my fren but both of us were assign to single room instead?

  7. Hey! I private messaged you but I’m not sure if it went through. I got a double aircon room hall 14 although I applied for single. Do you mind sharing what halls you and your friend were posted to? Would you be interested in swapping?

  8. "Ethnic diversity sport awards." What a load of nonsense. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest ethnic minorities are under-represented in sport.

  9. Awww someone’s upset this one (1) thing isn’t about them 🥺😔

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