Arresting reporters at a protest is an affront to the First Amendment

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  1. Just doing what you think is right. you are the fucking worst. The Road to hell is paved with Good intentions.

  2. Thank you for this! I’m struggling with LinkedIn. This will go far!

  3. This post is amazing! I’m 35, married and a kid and I’m stuck as an Account Strategist / BDR and I’m burning the hell out. I pivoted careers. I was in operations and have been in sales for the last year and a half. I was promoted from an SDR to the current role after 6 months and I’m burning the hell out. I was killing it the last 3 months but this month has been pure torture. Thanks for listening!

  4. Hey dude, am in the same age bracket and in sales as well. Been doing it for 15+ years and am in the enterprise AE role now.

  5. Thank you, man! I appreciate that. It’s the mucho thing that doesn’t allow me to feel burnt out because I’m trying to provide for my family. I’m on the path of a promotion if I continue going the way I am, but there’s a lot of uncertainty in the business, company, and politics. Will see what the future brings. Hope you’re well?

  6. I used to be SCARED of writing LinkedIn updates like these... *see more* .

  7. What is exactly the right formula to LinkedIn? I can’t seem to wrap my mind around this.

  8. Don’t be silly. I pivoted from operations into a sales career at a ripe age of 34 and I’m now 35. I was promoted from inbound to outbound (account strategist) and looking to get promoted sometime this year if I can keep up my numbers or leave and go for an AE somewhere else.

  9. If you want to learn a skill set just get a book and read the news tbh. I’m doing Freecodecamp right now, going for my CSCS Certification, and learning fashion design. All college was was the teacher summarizing like 12 chapters in a textbook and testing us on it. GTFO I’ve read like 4 textbooks in the last year by myself on things I want to study and taught myself how to study more efficiently and while college has its plusses, the real learning comes after college if you want to educate yourself. Plus something like Computer Programming is incredibly self teach able, some people might argue it would be better to teach yourself than to drop a ton of money on a formal degree

  10. I love this! Where are you reading your books phone, e-reader or actual physical books?

  11. I tend to use my iPad and get my PDFs from PDFdrive.org. Sometimes I’ll read a book if I have a physical copy of a book on hand, but there are so many free textbooks and books all over the Internet.

  12. Thank you for your response! I appreciate it. That’s exciting. Do they also have textbooks?

  13. Terrible- surpassed my quota back to back in March & April but May I would be lucky to hit half of that. I’m in SaaS and sell survey software.

  14. yeah man even our top reps are sitting well below their usual spot this month. SCARY STUFF.

  15. Dang! What type of product/solution? I hope they don’t pull out the PIP this quarter.

  16. Really? I thought this was the worst way to start a cold call since all telemarketers use that line. Wouldn't it be better to just be straight: "Hey, [reason for the call], [question for the reason]."?

  17. Thank you for sharing and especially the last paragraph on the interviewing process. Is there a good resource you’d recommend for folks who want to have an outline for the type of questions that are asked on sales interviews?

  18. Well I’m not quite finished with it so I’ll let you know in a year. The reason I got an MBA is because there are a lot of aspects of a business that I knew I needed to learn: Accounting, finance, operations etc. I’ll certainly never be an accountant but I still needed to know the right questions to ask. And getting to do that around some of the smartest people in the world felt like the right move. Do you need an MBA to be a baller-ass salesperson? Absolutely not. Do you need an MBA to move into senior leadership roles? Sometimes.

  19. Thank you for your reply! Helpful. I guess it also helps with networking.

  20. Check out Gap Selling by Keenan. I’m currently reading it and I love the non-bullshit approach to sales methodology. Especially the part about not knowing what I don’t know and using a football analogy to explain it.

  21. I believe that you should share content

  22. I do, not sure it goes anywhere. I started sending voice messages on LinkedIn after I’m added to them.

  23. yes me too, hopefully it’ll get fixed soon

  24. Can’t wait to watch the doc! Thanks for the recommendation!

  25. A really big Corp company that has 40B in Rev per year

  26. The Phoenix Project is what you want

  27. What are the titles of those books? I'm in the same boat. I'm in the SaaS industry and need to brush up on my tech lingo and business acumen.

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