1. Does Grass type refer to her green form? The Chinese version refers to the singing form.😆

  2. Nah, its a YT related meme😅😂

  3. If you do that, run for your life

  4. Here you say "I care a shit", "I care a cucumber" is for when there are children near...

  5. Or "Me suda la polla" (My dick sweats)

  6. Unfortunately there's not a corresponding metaphor that I'm aware of in Spanish. The closest translations would be «desempeñar muchos papeles» (i.e. to play many roles) or «tener muchas funciones». Since papeles literally means 'papers', maybe you could think of a concept with, for example, hats and sheets of papers?

  7. Maybe Tener muchas/varias facetas to sound more flavourish?? Idk

  8. In Te gusta, you must to writte it because TÚ its not the subject, the subject is "the thing" you like.

  9. Armando is a common name that is also a verb. I don't think it's weird it's a funny little coincidence that writers can play with!

  10. Yeah, Armando Bronca Segura is pretty famous xD

  11. Cuál is more like which, you have "to choose" from a limited list of options; whike Qué is more undefenited.

  12. Yes, we have semicolons and they are called punto y coma.

  13. Thanks! Can I add another name I’m considering? “Pura Vida Breeze” — would that be “brisa de pura vida” or “pura vida brisa”?

  14. Maybe bad decks, no units/buildings/villagers/crates or natural resources boost cards.

  15. Thanks! So in 1 it doesn't matter it's a human being because its a direct object instead of an indirect object?

  16. Try El Ministerio del Tiempo (lit. Time department) from RTVE if you can.

  17. "Para que le abra tu corazón" (The H in abra is wrong, as Habra has other meaning).

  18. Yeah, that LE was a bit weird, an s makes more sense by a lot: Para que se abra tu corazón. The meaning keeps that lines

  19. I did not even think that something like this existed, but in retrospect it was obvious someone would do it. I have found a few on aliexpress, but the only ones I found in Madrid are in

  20. I need it!!!😆😆😆😆😆

  21. vs the Empire of the Rising Duck

  22. And then, they turned into turkey🦃 xD

  23. Why do Germans struggle with this? And not the other European civs?

  24. Maybe too much anticav aztec units whike germans get uhlans with every shipment idk

  25. We have fiber, thats better. In villages too xD

  26. Entiendo que tienes que lkegar a 602 (GOL), no?? Busca una combinacion que te dé eso

  27. The same way you use the others. In your example you have a direct object pronoun (la) attached, then the indirect one has to be atached before:

  28. Do you know if this is used in the same way though? "Let's play" is a genre of videos, people recording themselves playing games. Before posting this I tried searching using "vamos a jugar" and it seemed like that was not used quite as much

  29. Its called Gameplay in Spanish YT

  30. Beauty is beauty, and we the mediterraneans are hot af. We just dont look like crabbys after a point of sunlight for example

  31. Yeah, just keep your clothes inside home fking central europeans🤢. Dont live over your energetic capabilities

  32. Es uno de los choqies culturales que se ven por YouTube, el ColaCao es atemporal xD

  33. Then Europe should be scared as other WW is coming

  34. That rule is very general, but you have the exceptions when you need to break groups of vowels (like había) or when you need to differentiate words that are written the same (como/cómo, for example). In this case it has an accent because you stress in the i, not in the e.

  35. Its called dipthong, and in case of tilde, it has to be in the close vocal (í/ú).

  36. i and u, when they're next to other vowels, are only vowels when there's a tilde. in other cases, they're part of a diphthong or a glide

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