1. Is it the sound or the visuals? You could build together in a money free sandbox and keep the park closed if you wanted to avoid it completely and enjoy the game for the building aspects? If you create your own scenario you can also change the setting to none/low nausea for the guests.

  2. If you want a quick pick up and play. I've been having a lot of fun with Spider heck.

  3. But why the trims on the top hat! Why?!?

  4. It might just be testing to make sure the train can make it through the layout if almost stopped. I think they would probably let it run faster when it's running properly.

  5. Exodus at Thorpe Park should have plugged this hole in the UK. But I think it's a missed opportunity.

  6. It absolutely is a missed opportunity... if going for 240feet, why not a b&m hyper or an intamin mega...

  7. Mack is fine, they have built some decent hypers with decent airtime. It's just the layout is... Well wrong? It's just more of what the park has element wise and doesn't really offer anything new.

  8. Yes! Apparently it's a bug with an update to the clock waiting for a fix. It's something to do with login to Spotify. I hope it gets fixed soon!

  9. Probably this long because of the water splash area?

  10. You can't use mods in the campaigns, only sandbox 😬

  11. Oof. Do they work in custom campaigns? I cant even find where to load those.

  12. Custom scenarios on the workshop should be fine for mod rides.

  13. There is for flat rides, but I'm not sure if it applies to tracked rides as well.

  14. Each individual car on the train is longer than the cars found on typical four across b&m coaster, so it wouldn't be able to go round some of the tighter elements on the other layouts. It would fit on the track but it wouldn't make it round. So you would have to pretty much knock down most of the layout and rebuild. I guess it could be converted in the same sense that RMC converts wooden coasters, but you couldn't just slap on the new trains and call it a day.

  15. The track is the same. It is standard b&m track.

  16. We have some building tips and tricks on the community website.

  17. If my Nexus had not bricked, I'll probably still be using it today. Such a great phone. Loved it.

  18. No DLC but there's usually monthly little improvement updates.

  19. Plot twist: Exodus at Thorpe Park is an RMC T-Rex

  20. I think I might start playing again because of the scenario.

  21. That's not RCT. That's the superior theme park game called parkitect.

  22. First thing I always ask is to check if you are playing the campaign because most players don't realize that you can't use mods in the campaign.

  23. I’m imagining these guys are trapped there against their will, and the guests are loving it.

  24. i’m not a huge galactica fan tbh. i respect it being a pioneering coaster for both towers and B&M, and as you can see i love a flyer, but galactica doesn’t hold a candle to manta in my eyes

  25. They should of kept it as air, or reverted back to it now that they binned off the VR. The theming if air fitted so well with the feeling you get from that ride.

  26. I'm really glad they are going for a retrack instead of replacing it. I do hope they refurbish the station as well, because when I went in 2018 it was looking decrepit. Split and rotting wood. The station looks cool for sure but I hope they replace it as well

  27. The station is the only bit not getting retracked. But I'm sure there will be plans for a bit of renovation.

  28. For now, but 2023 has two new ones that could beat it layout wise.

  29. Darkoaster is going to kick some butts and take ALL the names!

  30. I was thinking about the one at Park Asterix and the one in Madrid haha

  31. The faster the speed, the more banking you should need.

  32. Well yes but is there a way to determine "optimal" banking?

  33. I don't think so, I have just ridden quite a few coasters and watch a lot of povs of the type of coaster I'm building and do my best to fit the same style. RMCs, for example, will have a lot more extreme banking than an old style arrow coaster.

  34. He's a year old, and he's taken ride models from other games as well (RCT World, etc.)

  35. Pretty impressive for a one year old. Hasn't even started walking yet and he's knocking out mods for parkitect left right and center. Legend.

  36. Parkitectdepot.com should help you out. We showcase the best modders and put direct links to their mods on the site.

  37. New Thorpe Park coaster? Manufacturer hasn't officially been announced and some of the elements look more RMC than Mack.

  38. Your dreams have finally come true. You must be so happy.

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