1. So thrilled that we finally got them lyrics!

  2. I am having so much trouble containing my excitement!

  3. I (bi man, Nick) have been with my wife (straight woman, straight Charlie) for 12 years now.

  4. Such a wholesome story! Thanks for sharing; keep staying happy 🤍

  5. Now Jae has more than 900 000 monthly listeners on spotify! I am really proud of him. Hopefully he will release new music in february :)

  6. The numbers just keep rising! Jae just mentioned this increase on

  7. I do affirmations and one that I remember was,

  8. I've been having similar experiences as well—only that the words that keep showing up for me are "angel" and "sweet"! And what I've been realising is that whenever someone utters that to me & I chuckle inside from knowing that I created it, it shows up again after somehow.

  9. There are people whose highlight of their day is the moment your sphere of influence intersects with theirs. Sometimes it's a conversation, maybe it's nothing more than seeing you walk by their window on your way to the bus stop, but I wish there was a way you could see the wake of happiness you leave behind you as you move through your day.

  10. This sentiment is so beautiful & wholesome that I just had to stop and leave a comment. Thanks for putting this into perspective; I have not thought of it this way before.

  11. Wow, you're asking great questions. Truth be told, I don't think I know enough to be able to offer an intelligent or wise response to this. All I know is that it'd probably do Jae a lot of good if he has a proper and concrete plan for the months, if not years ahead.

  12. This is really long but bare with me lol. The other day, I decided to buckle down and just buy one of Neville’s Books. So I went to the Barnes and nobles about 30 minutes before they closed. Before I went inside I said “but wait which book do I buy?” After searching Reddit for which Neville book I should start with, I still wasn’t sure lol. At that point I was like I don’t have time so I’m just going to go in and see what they have. So I go in and I ask one of the employees to help me find any Neville Goddard books. After checking her cpu she said that there should be some in the religion, fiction, and philosophy section. I looked at all three sections and could not find one Neville Goddard book. So I kind of gave up and I knew they were about to close. And while I was there I thought about getting a coloring book for a friend of mine(random lol i know). So had also told me where the coloring books were after I asked about Neville. I went over there and there was like a tarot card and game section close by, and something told me to go over there. And low and behold it was a big hardback cover book titled “the Power of awareness.” And I was like “wait isn’t this Neville Goddards book?” And I saw his name in small print under the title lol. It was so random. The book was sticking out right in front, and there were no other relevant books around it. I thought to myself “well is this the one I want? I guess I’ll start with this one lol.” I was intimidated with how big it was. It’s 800 pages. I went home and started reading and the foreword read “this definitive volume contains eleven of Goddards transformative books, the most famous of which is the power of awareness.” I started crying. So I didn’t even have to pick which book to start with lol. Spirit just said “read ALL of them in one”😂. And I’m going to read every single page. If it wasn’t for that random urge to buy a coloring book, I would’ve never thought to look in that section.

  13. Wow, I think you've just described everything I've wondered but couldn't put into words 👏👏👏

  14. Jae just created a new gaming channel on YouTube and has already uploaded a couple of shorts!

  15. I came across Neville Goddard in October 2020 and have tried to practise his teachings ever since. Materially, my 3D hasn't fully caught up to my imagination yet, but along the way, my inner world has shifted tremendously.

  16. I'm not sure when we finally crossed the mark, but typical story has accumulated more than a million streams on Spotify now. Jae aimed high, but it's still very laudable that his goal was reached within a month.

  17. The stream count updated to 1 mil just a bit after midnight for me today!

  18. Yay! I'm really anticipating the MV as well; may 2023 be the year of new releases after new releases 🎉

  19. I've been having the exact same thoughts & came here to post about it, but you beat me to it. Gosh, now that you reminded me, September was really rough. Truth be told, I spent the entirety of my birthday moping over the news.

  20. I love how despite having been a fan of DAY6 for years, I still occasionally come across content that I missed back in the day. Just yesterday, I came across this

  21. Haven't listened to DAY6 properly in a while & I'm going through a lot of their classics today—Days Gone By, I'll Remember, I'm Serious, I Would, When You Love Someone—and somehow these songs feel as though they were from a whole lifetime ago.

  22. After the renewals I stopped listening to them for a while, because I thought it would make me sad. But the other day there was a streaming party on Stationhead for Jae, and they played a lot of DAY6 (I mean, that's the routine), and I was surprised that I didn't feel sadness, just excitement and love instead. I realized that when I listen to them, all that matters is their music, and everything else just fades away, at least for a while. I still get excited for their achievements, for their appearances, knowing well that there have been a lot of changes with the DAY6 I fell in love with back in 2020. And I even bought some more albums since lol. Maybe I've moved on better than I thought lol, but currently more than anything I'm looking forward to what they have to offer in the future. I've been getting a lot of sign of reassurance and closure, and maybe that put my heart at rest.

  23. Yeah, I can relate 'cause I kinda stopped listening to them as much I used to as well, especially since all their ballads reminded me of them instead. For years, their songs always felt nostalgic yet new and refreshing all at once; even if it was hearing Congratulations play years after it was first released, I always felt transported right into that moment when I first encountered the song, and no time has passed at all.

  24. This was a lovely review; love that the author is so obviously a fan of eaJ!

  25. To my knowledge, I don't think he has! I think it's just one of those song he wrote for himself, you know?

  26. Finally finished bingeing Under the Queen's Umbrella & am suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now. I loved that it had a great ensemble of characters, a good mix of genres and that the plot moved along quite well; nothing was really dragged beyond what was necessary. Missing the characters already!

  27. I'm in the middle of Under the Queen's Umbrella and really love it, too! Have you seen Nirvana in Fire? It's a Chinese Wuxia drama that deals with trying to put a particular king's son on the throne. It's a very complicated (and much longer) drama. I love the brisk pace of Under the Queen's Umbrella, but find the political machinations to be simplistic when compared to those in Nirvana in Fire. However the latter had so much more time to develop the intricate plots--and some really were dragged out. Both dramas do involve the women of the palace in various ways, though Under the Queen's Umbrella is much more female-centric. I love that about this drama.

  28. Oooo, I haven't heard of Nirvana in Fire before since I'm not very acquainted with Chinese Wuxia dramas, but I will check it out soon! Thank you for the recommendation.

  29. Jae's joy & enthusiasm is always infectious! Hope he keeps smiling & enjoying himself <3

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