1. It's mainly not getting sweat on the sample. I've never tried doing it by myself, but even earlobe sampling is a challenge with a tester. However, you shouldn't be sweating profusely at first step over baseline. I had a teammate test 15 at failure, I never got above 4, so the slope past first step is rather interesting.

  2. It does seem difficult so with that in mind I contacted a bike training center to have them do the testing the lactate testing the first time. However I'm still keen on buying a lactate meter myself so I can test myself more regularly.

  3. Wow, really? I had no idea. I knew about peptides promoting muscle growth being illegal, and kinda assumed all peptides would be illegal because of the similarities.

  4. No worries, I understand why you made the assumption. How about this - I ordered BPC from a tested source in the UK three days ago. If I get it through the customs with no issues I will DM you the name of the supplier.

  5. Did you ever find a source? I would love to know as well. I'll send you a PM if I find anything.

  6. im not sure about the country you need to goto but i will pipe in with this.

  7. I know people worry about this, but having spoken to a lawyer and a friend who works in customs I'm personally not worried at all. Basically the interception rates within the EU are extremely low. And at least in my country you don't get prosecuted for bringing in controlled pharmaceuticals if you have a valid script. Basically what the law says and how it is applied are two very different things. Of course people should consult a lawyer before they do anything like this.

  8. Pretty too far away from where you live, but anyway... Elvanse is not even legal in Italy, but from people I know it's not a "special" medication in Switzerland, you can get it without too many problems if you have a prescription. I think you need a prescription from a Swiss psychiatrist, but I'm not sure.

  9. Btw in a lot of western and central Europe Elvanse is also offered.

  10. Hi EuroBrain is there a list somewhere where I can see which Eastern European countries have Elvanse on the market? I'm curious about Hungary in particular fwiw.

  11. Awesome, thanks man. Unfortunately it's not marketed in Eastern Europe very often it looks like.

  12. It's nice to have an accent! Why removing it? If your grammar and pronunciation are correct, then it's cool!!

  13. I think having a bit of an accent is nice, but too much might be a hindrance no? Also it's one thing if you have say a local Brazilian accent. But if you struggle actually making some of the sounds that make Portuguese a language it's not great. But I agree that this might be just me making a big thing out of it. I know a lot of people don't mind accents, but I do so I would prefer to have an accent more similar to a native speaker :-)

  14. Can anyone here explain why my hematrocrit is getting lower on its own? I'm currently on 100mg test per week. Usually I see a small, but steady increase and I have to give blood every six months or so to keep my hematocrit within range. This time something else happened however.

  15. Any changes in your diet or diet habits (like drinking more water)? Maybe eating some new type of food or an effective otc supplement? Granted idk if drinking more water would lower your hematocrit that much lol. There would have to be some variable in your life that’s changed, whether you’re aware of it or not.

  16. Yeah I guess so. I'm on a few medications for an auto-immune disease and maybe there is an interaction I don't know about. Thanks.

  17. How urgent is it to get a hematocrit of 54% down? I got back my blood work yesterday and my hematocrit is clearly too high. I manage my TRT through a doctor in another country and I wasn't planning to go see him until early October. Am I fine waiting another three weeks to do a phlebotomy or should I my flight and go see him immediately?

  18. Mine was 55 and I donated blood . If it’s temporary it’s ok , if it stays high for too long it’s really not good . If I were you I would donate or talk to my doc

  19. How long is too long in this context? Usually I donate more often, but I've been stuck at home unable to travel with the Corona.

  20. What's the minimal bloodwork you guys run while on cycle? I'm abroad and without my usual health insurance so I'm trying to keep it minimal until I get back home. I usually do extensive bloodwork every 6 month, but what other than oestradiol to dial in AI is a must during cycle?

  21. Total testosterone, estradiol, CBC, CMP.

  22. How do you do pulled pork Carnivore style? I'm retarded with cooking so explain it like I'm five

  23. Other answer is closer to the best way, but for the easy way: put it in the crock pot. All day on low.

  24. Thanks! I just got a crock pot so I'll try that. How much water do you put in with it?

  25. Can you inject Deca and Test with the same syringe at the same time? I'm doing the Intermediate Bulk Cycle from the wiki and I never run anything but test before hence the question.

  26. Regarding hematocrit is there any point in giving blood for preventive purposes BEFORE I start a cycle? My hematocrit is usually around 48 as natty and it climbed to 54 after 5 months on 500mg test. I'm now at 48 again which from what I understand is at the higher end of normal for not being on roids. I'm wondering if there is any point getting it down to under what is normal for me if I know I intend to run another cycle

  27. If I lower my test from 200mg to 100mg per week how long will it take for my blood work to reflect it? I'm asking since I just moved abroad and I need to get a new doctors prescription for test. I know they will ask for new blood work and I've been adviced to come in at the lower end and I want to know how long in advice I should cut my dose

  28. Do I need to wait a few days after giving blood to do another round of blood work? I'm asking since my hematocrit was getting high so I gave some blood. Now I'm intending on testing hematocrit, free test, SHBG etc. Can I do the blood work the next day or do I need to wait a few days to get an accurate picture

  29. From what I’ve read, Germany has a reasonable policy provided you were diagnosed as a child but it can be difficult for adults who were diagnosed later in life. France unfortunately seems extremely lagging in ADHD acceptance period. The UK seems reasonable but from what I’ve read on here, wait times for mental health evaluations are extremely long due to cuts to NHS. I’m not too aware of Portugal, Spain, Italy’s policies. Scandinavia I imagine would be reasonable. Eastern Europe I’ve read here can be difficult but I’m not familiar with each country’s policies specifically. Do you currently see a psychiatrist? They may be knowledgeable on ADHD treatment by country.

  30. I prefer to not ask my doctor at home. I think going abroad to buy a Schedule II drug would be frowned upon and I don't want that in my journal.

  31. I assume you 100% have the condition and need to know which country will be easiest. UK privately worked fine for me but I imagine you need live in that country.

  32. I think going private is for sure the way to go. As for being valid the prescription won't be valid at a pharmacy in my home country, but I intend to get a 3 months supply and bring it back home.

  33. Is there a handy template for how to compare blood work over time? I've tested the usual things before and during cycle, but I want to compile it in a way where I can easily see how it changes over time

  34. If you are doing different cycles then I don't really see what plotting it out together will provide, you'll have different independent variables

  35. Can I run prednisone for a week while on the beginner cycle? The reason I'm asking is that my ENT doctors wants me to run it for a week before I do a scan for rhinitis issues. I saw some earlier threads which says it might limit gains since prednisone is catabolic. I have no problem with that, but I would like to know if there are any health risks I have overlooked. Thanks.

  36. Cool, thanks man. He was a bit vague about the time period so you might very well be right about it being less than a week.

  37. What blood work should I be running if I specifically want to look at estrogen and if I am running the right amount of aromatase inhibitors? Will just E2 do it or should I test something else as well. I've been reading the Estrogen handbook, but I can't seem to find the answer

  38. Total T: 1256ng/dL (for real, maybe my psoriatic arthritis is a factor idk - was powerlifting excessively at the time and eating garbage)

  39. Did you still get noticeable results even though you had high test to start with? I know this is ridiculous, but I get jealous of guys who have low test since they know they will get a significant benefit from juicing.

  40. I've seen two other guys with similarly high levels (1400-1500ng/dl) and both had chronic illnesses - one had chronic fatigue (I believe he found it he had Lyme disease eventually) while the other had some undiagnosed problems (IIRC, he thought he had low T before he got bloods).

  41. That's interesting. I suffer from an auto immune disease and I got lots of fatigue, but every time I do blood work I come out at above the normal range for test.

  42. How soon into a cycle do you guys start doing blood work? I'm doing the beginners cycle from the wiki and reading the Estrogen handbook it says regarding Arimidex that "dosing is user dependent and you should get blood work to dial in your dose". Maybe I just missed it, but at what week should I start testing so I can dial in the Arimidex

  43. Cool man. I've been noticing what I think are signs of high Estrogen (itchy nipples, insomnia, water retention). I've started taking 0.5 mg eod adex, but since is my first cycle I'm partly guessing so option 1 that you mentioned sounds solid. Thanks for the feedback!

  44. How long does it take before one notices the effect of the beginner cycle in the wiki either physically or mentally? I've read that regular TRT usually takes about 4-6 weeks before one notices it. However, I assume that at 500mg test a week it one might notice it sooner. This is assuming no front loading etc.

  45. Unless you were low T before being on, I seriously doubt you'll notice any mental gains.

  46. Unfortunately I had high T so I guess I got to wait it out. Thanks man. I waited two years to do a cycle so I guess I should be more patient

  47. I asked on yesterdays thread but I posted sort of late. What are your guys thoughts on running finasteride even if you aren’t balding whatsoever? Using it more so as a preventative measure

  48. I'm in the camp that the risks of Finasteride might be understated and that hair transplants are getting very good. I don't have any studies at hand nor a strong opinion, but I would personally just run my cycles and if you lose hair do a transplant later

  49. I'd let her know now. Just mention it like hey I know this is out of the blue but "your situation and how you feel about her and that you understand if it's too much for her to want to continue communicating but if she is down to hangout you'd enjoy her company. *end with witty joke"

  50. Yeah I agree with this. I've been flirting a bit with a girl back and forth. Last week she went silent, but after a while she sent me a short message saying she moved to another city and it was too bad we couldn't meet up. I don't even know if it's true, but I was very happy that she actually bothered to write me back in instead of ghosting. I tiny bit of honesty and politeness goes a long way

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