1. EXO's Chen enjoys flower arrangements and ordered a bunch of flowers to his house as well acc. to a 2020 interview

  2. "I can see his album sales are way less than before based on Ktown4u"

  3. It pains me to say this as a Jongdae bias… but same. Chen has an amazing voice but ballads have never been my preferred genre, and it’s a little frustrating because I know he’s capable of other genres (I know that he likes doing ballads and that’s why I hate saying I’m hoping for something new). I mean a lot of his album songs tend to blend together for me. I don’t want him to become Baek 2.0 but honestly I do find more diversity in Baekhyun’s albums (although from what I understand Baek leaves things to his team so it’s possible they’re the ones suggesting the tracks).

  4. Yeah I made the post because I often see people on here claiming he sticks to one sound only which isn't true at all... :(

  5. I'm really bad at keeping up with music and I didn't even know this was Chen's 3rd mini album (I barely listen to Baekhyun's solo stuff like...last month). Can anyone recommend some of their favorite tracks from his previous two albums for me to check out in anticipation of the new album?

  6. Just including official solo releases (not collabs, feats, OSTs, SM Stations etc), only Jonghyun charted well solo from SHINee and even then he wasn’t consistent. Taemin’s MOVE did okay but was more popular for the dance than the song. For EXO I think a few of Baekhyun’s songs charted well but it was very clearly fandom driven. Kai, Xiumin, Chen, Suho etc didn’t chart very well. SM’s most successful group-to-solo idol is and remains Taeyeon.

  7. 'Chen didn't chart well'????? Chen charted the best out of any EXO solo debut? beautiful goodbye had 927k uls in the first 24h and reached over 500m digital points by the end of the year? The song even has the highest unique listeners on genie out of all EXO releases ever...... he charted the best out of all of them actually

  8. Honestly i don't think there's a single group where that's actually the case. In the past Wanna One SNSD and Big Bang would probably have been closest but moreso as entertainers rather than (all) as musicians, though ofc some of them were also popular for their solo music. Right now the closest group is BP but even for them Lisa is much more popular outside Korea, her solo charted very poorly in Korea and her ad deals are mostly international, Jisoo is also quite popular as a model but her TV show had very low ratings despite a star-studded cast and crew and that's the only version of a solo we have to judge her off of.

  9. Chen also charted quite decently a few times, his solo debut 'beautiful goodbye' actually has the most unique listeners of any EXO song ever on genie and it had over 500m digital points by the end of the year too :)

  10. Chen wrote lights out from EXO's universe album on his own.

  11. Good night by Chen is about his wish for you to put your worries to rest and get a good rest, that all will be well eventually

  12. oh my girl's iconic destiny cover from queendom it brought so many people into the fandom and was one of the main reasons contributing to oh my girl blowing up in south korea.... I hope they can recover it somehow

  13. Beautiful goodbye and Shall we by Chen :) (also both of his albums April, and a flower and Dear my dear excluding the song love words (only 1 english word (always)))

  14. "His fans proceeded to taunt the SOLO fansites of the other members and questioned whether they support Chen or not."

  15. I didn't care about Eddie AT ALL. Sure he was a nice guy but I did not care about his story nor his death, was honestly surprised to see him get as much hype as he did. Also thought his death was so unnecessary???????? sacrificing himself for nothing like.......... bro

  16. he always talked about wanting 2 children since 2016 I don't know I don't think jokes like these are funny

  17. Portrait of you - Chen: the instrumental intro reminds me of studio ghibli, the lyrics are gorgeous

  18. I’ll also put them starting from my favourite Kai - Vanilla D.O - I’m gonna love you Baekhyun - UN Village Suho - Grey Lay - Joker Sehun - On me(I mean we need more than this one) Chanyeol - Nothing As for Chen, I don’t really listen to the type of music he has so no favourite and Xiumin doesn’t really have an official solo song but looking forward to his album because I am really curious what kind if music he’s going to release

  19. "As for Chen, I don’t really listen to the type of music he has"

  20. 'That's Okay is the best charted EXO solo song'

  21. ahjussi means 'older man' or 'uncle' though usually used for middle-aged men, Chen is literally 29 lol

  22. I've been dying for a Seulgi solo for forever, and especially now that she's talked about it, it makes the wait even more difficult TT. Honestly, I really don't know what's going on with SM solos lately. I know it's not, but at this point it really feels as if they're keeping artists locked in their basement.

  23. 'EVEN Chen is going' what does that have to do with anything though? He is a soloist with a solo discography so he can perform as a soloist why wouldn't he go. It makes sense that EXO members without a proper solo discography (sehun/xiumin have maybe 2 or so solo songs they could perform) won't go as long as EXO isn't going as a group.

  24. I know exols hate to hear it but I think it has to do with ladder being a paid program catered to kexols, and the majority of them wants Chanchen removed from the group.

  25. Koreans EXO-L have been pushing an OT6 agenda for a while and SM has been giving into their demands. It's literally disgusting that they call themselves EXO-Ls. All Chen did was get married to the woman he loves. They act like EXO belongs to them. Kfans are why Chen has yet show his face. He did Chentube but that was it. No promotions in Korea, only news that he will attend international concerts. Spoiled Kfans think they just just say whatever they want and get away with it. It's honestly sickening to see.

  26. Well tbh Chen has only been back for 3 weeks so it's not like we can assume he'll never have korean schedules again, however! I do think it's quite obvious he's more than fed up with kexols and won't put up with their shit anymore (good for him).

  27. Uhm there's literally no proof of any of that. Chen himself said his girlfriend and him were engaged by the time they found out about the baby, his own word only stands against the rabid kfans who never want to see their own biases date or even interact with women.

  28. 'He practiced poor family planning'....?????????????? What matters is that he is happily married and has two beautiful children, you don't get to make assumptions or judgements about a celebrities' PRIVATE life like that. There's couples that marry, have children and get divorced within a year and there's couples who have a baby, get married and last until the end of their lives, there's no 'right way' to plan a family as long as it's a functional happy family at the end of the day.

  29. Is it wrong to feel a little guilty that chen is back this fast? I wonder how much he's able to spend time with his wife and kids while providing content for us.... i mean, im sure his wife knew she was marrying an idol and expected for him to be busy with certain things... idk :')

  30. he had a special military service that allowed him to go home to his family every single day like a regular 9 to 5 job :) he wasn't missing for the past 2 years, also I don't recording a chentube video would take longer than a few hours

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