1. Basically all of New England is small towns.

  2. When has any country just said "oh alright, you rebels can go do your thing"?

  3. Hilarious that there’s actually people who believe this. Like they don’t need to inject a chip into you to track you bro lmao

  4. I wish battery technology was 1% as good as these people think it would have to be for something like this to work. A battery small enough to fit into a needle that will last for months and months? Yes please.

  5. He’s as stupid as we all supposed after the first series. As self-defeating as it may be, if I were running things I’d look to trade him ASAP and not care much about the return. He’s a selfish dipshit.

  6. Medicine is largely a graduate program here too, although you can get a Bachelors in nursing. Many schools offer a "pre-med" program for people who think they want to be doctors. Biology is also a common major for people headed to med school, as we call it.

  7. Reddit keeps telling me I call sodas "coke" then downvotes me when I say I've never heard anyone do that.

  8. Don't worry though, we'll snarkily tell a foreigner with a benign question that the US isn't one big monolith where everyone is exactly the same.

  9. It is basically all I've ever heard. I've lived in the northeast, northwest, and Rockies.

  10. I never understood colletions, only of books, like a library I guess, but even personal book collections seems a bit odd most of the time. Like, my friend has a couple hundred book and when I stared asking him if he liked this one, or that one, and he didn't read most of them. Why? Why keep them? My little brother has a bunch of hot wheels toy cars, but at least he plays with all of them.

  11. Funko, Amibo, those little ceramic statues of angels and children and cats, I don't get it.

  12. I don't have an answer for why people in Boston like the song, in fact I wasn't aware they did. But why is a Neil Diamond song a "British thing"?

  13. It's become the unofficial anthem of the Boston Red Sox. The fans sing it every game during the break in the 8th inning since the 90s. As for why? Who knows. But it caught on as a sort of grass routes organic thing, not originally sanctioned by the team. Now they play the music for fans to sing along with.

  14. I've seen YouTube videos of people paying like $45 for one recharge from a fast charger so it would definitely be more than $100.

  15. $100 is what the route planner said. Like gas station, charging stations have known prices.

  16. Somethings really never change.

  17. It’s bullshit that the ESPN MLB power rankings do not seem to take strength of schedule into account.

  18. Power rankings don't matter. They are just to get people engaged and talking about ESPN's list or the MLB's list or whoever. Gotta get ad dollars!

  19. Depends by what you mean by "low income". How low? And maybe not in a desirable area like Long Island, with market forces driving up costs. But in say, northeast Connecticut? Much more doable, but obviously you can't easily and quickly commute to NYC for work from there (hence it being less desirable leading to cheaper homes).

  20. An online friend of mine in Australia had a similar run around trying to return a broken monitor that he recently purchased. I don't recall the exact details but it was something like contact the retailer, get them to agree to ship it back to the manufacturer (maybe it was some sort of examination center like you said, actually), have the fault confirmed, then he finally gets a refund or replacement. It took him about 3 weeks for the authority that be to agree to replace it. Totally ridiculous compared to what I expect for a defective product: bring it to the store and immediately get a new one or a complete refund.

  21. I only sort of use cursive for my signature. I’ll write the first letter or two and then just squiggle the rest

  22. Me too. First letter with a long squiggly tail and then the first letter of my last name with a tail.

  23. Holy shit, I use to live around the corner from 1111! I miss you guys and Pho King a lot.

  24. You can buy escargot at some grocery stores and seafood restaurants but it is not common and a lot of people probably think it is gross.

  25. I only know of it from people like you.

  26. You don’t have an ice maker in your freezer?

  27. Nobody tell the FBI but I don't.

  28. Have a plan to stay warm in the winter if (more likely when) you lose electricity.

  29. I mean, sounds like snake oil. What's your doctor suggest?

  30. Just use Shopify or Square or anything like that to power your store, they handle any applicable US sales tax perfectly. Payment on delivery is virtually unheard of in the US.

  31. I’m just curious why it is specifically juul?

  32. Sounds like it is because Juul didn't provide the necessary paperwork and information the FDA was asking for.

  33. Quite obscure over here but checkout the recently retired sumo wrestler

  34. This is a completely different issue. We're talking about privacy from the government, not from the public at large.

  35. Hiring Tito was quite possibly the best offseason pick up in franchise history.

  36. Even though we've won two World Series since the Sox ousted him and have a very competent manager in Alex Cora, I still miss him.

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