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  1. Available for delivery on Dec 9th for me, so not sure what you mean not available for anyone.

  2. Sharp bought back their name in 2019, this is a Sharp product through and through

  3. Sharp doesn't design or make them, even though they bought the license back. They don't design or manufacture these low end models and are just rebadging models. Look on repair forums and you'll see they are using the same shit panels, control boards, and power boards that you see in other rebadge like RCA, Pioneer, Onn, etc. Mostly Hon Hai parts, but not even assembled by FoxConn but to lower cost bidders. Sharp Corp of Japan barely exists except in name only at this point unfortunately due to what Hon Hai has done to them.

  4. Usually Sony MDRV6 but my ear pads have disintegrated and I haven't decided on replacements, so I've been using a pair of Sony MDR-XB600. Not my favorite as they are an extra bass model but are comfy.

  5. Buy 4 Eneloop or IKEA rechargeable AA batteries, and a charger.

  6. Just get a dongle or Bluetooth adapter (If your xbone controllers are the S models with Bluetooth).

  7. Life gets better as you get older. Being a kid sucks, but your 20s are better than your childhood, and your 30s are better than your 20s, and so on.

  8. This really depends on the laws where you live. What's your home address?

  9. Do a trial of Microsoft Gamepass Ultimate and try the game out.

  10. Cross-play already exists in many first-party titles such as Forza Horizon. The problem is third-party developers often don't want to offer it.

  11. Wait till you find out that forza on pc from the xbox store doesn’t have progression with forza on steam. Such a braindead move

  12. We are talking about Microsoft Store here. That's a different discussion.

  13. I am definitely going NVME SSD over pci-e, thats pretty much a must. Do you think 8gb's won't hold up after 3 years?

  14. Well his last laptop is a decade old and you were looking for "future proofing" so with RAM being so cheap and the way Windows 10/11 will use RAM to cache stuff as well as browsers (especially Chrome) loving to eat RAM, having 16GB greatly lowers the odds of him feeling slowdowns. Plus many models will have just one 8GB instead of 2x4GB sticks, and Ryzen performance with single channel memory on APU's like the 5620U is much less than with dual channel. I'd be very surprised if any 16GB model shipped with one 16GB stick unless it was a high end system.

  15. The mall near me just opened up an FYE store after having closed 10 years ago. I think we also have a Great American Cookie. (But this mall is supposed to be a "destination" and tourist attraction *eyeroll* lol)

  16. If you're talking about Destiny, Great American Cookie has been closed for awhile. Some no-name people opened up in the same spot (Which was Mrs Fields before Great American Cookie) and do sell cookies when they are open, which seems like half the time.

  17. Walmart and Target do have vibrators now in store. And they are on the shelf.

  18. What is? You haven't watched the interview? It's on youtube.

  19. I have free Peacock Plus until February 24th as when my yearly pre-paid sub ran out I took advantage of a 6 free months offer that came with my chromecast w/Google TV.

  20. Pre-covid this was on the high end of what you'd want to pay, and I still wouldn't pay more than this now but it's still really good for the price.

  21. How much manufacturing does Gigabyte actually do? Don't they just mostly do design and let others do the manufacturing?

  22. Standing in Target now and they have two but after going through reviews I'm going to pass. I'm sure a better mechanical one with easily sourced keycaps as another spare will come along soon enough.

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