1. In their minds, it is impossible that a black person cares about limited government, limited taxes and wants to live their own life on their own.

  2. Apparently, identity politics is the only thing they have. They can't use principles in order to attract voters.

  3. Some white people are adicted to guilt, such a shame.

  4. I suppose that it is because the customer only wants people to see themselves and no one else.

  5. the vegans are strict about what they can eat and what they can't eat. Therefore it is a diet. I am doing intermitent fasting, but this is not a diet.

  6. It's not just a diet. It applies to all aspects of life. Diet is just one part of the equation. That's like saying biology is evolution. It's not just that.

  7. I don't want to get banned but, this is a very creepy political meme, in my opinion.

  8. Who knows. I just hope it will happen, it is fair. The world needs a new episode of this saga that influenced so much at the world of gaming.

  9. El feminismo se basa en la teoría del patriarcado, la idea de que la mitad de la raza humana ha oprimido a la otra mitad; esa teoría promueve una mentira y genera resentimiento y odio.

  10. If you've never trained before and keep your protein to around .7-1 g per lb or body weight there is a chance of some minor increase in musculature. People refer to that as beginner gains. It only lasts 6 months to a year and the end result will not be ripped as you will lack the musculature to achieve that look. It's is a good way to prevent any muscle loss that occurs as the result of weight loss so still worth doing. Just keep expectations reasonable

  11. My guy, we are not superheroes. This is about leading others and the day to day happenings. Did you even read my longer post?

  12. Yes, I am also talking about leading others.

  13. I'm a leader within the United States Air Force. This post doesn't pertain to injustice, man.

  14. I want to use safari as my web browser. But I don't have an apple computer, just an Iphone.

  15. L.A. Noire is my favorite. Europa Universalis I have never played.

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