1. That's actually the weakest weapon on NMH2

  2. I did not feel that. It's just so fun to play with. (This could be why)

  3. That's why no pixels were wasted on her in 5.

  4. I was in this same position almost 2 weeks ago. I am now currently playing DS3 and it is making me appreciate Elden Ring even more...I am having so much fun. The world design is very interesting. It is like a compact Elden Ring, "All meat, No fat."

  5. Soulsborne games are an older gamer's best friend.

  6. Ace Combat Assault Horizon is a good game.

  7. A Caress Spell.... Never thought I'd see one. Praise the Erdtree!

  8. I can't wait till you set foot in Caelid. Remember to pet the dog and feed the birds.

  9. I LOVED Elden Ring, but it’s not as… idk… atmospheric?

  10. Yes, TW3 is very immersive. You really get invested in the characters and the world setting. The quests have storylines for entire video games.

  11. In what order should the DLC be played?

  12. Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Mrs. Krista Yoslav

  13. No. It is the lands between. No rules. Only death and runes.

  14. Commenting because I want to know too....

  15. I am not the best at this game but I really enjoy Nero's brawler style. I just wish the arms were not breakable, it would really expand the combat possibilities.

  16. This is comparable to an Eververse Skin.

  17. He looks like a long-haired Khamzat Chimaev

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