1. “Mr. Teacher, did you still want us to do all those homework assignments over winter break???” That’s you! That’s what you sound like!

  2. And you sound like you should be working at a gas station. Have a good day my dude

  3. I upvoted this. That was pretty funny for a 🐀!!!

  4. Honestly shocked you spelled borders correctly

  5. “He didn’t look like his picture” -Jules

  6. It's watchable. Visually beautiful but I thought the first two episodes were weak. Third and fourth episodes were a big improvement so I hope it keeps getting better which is sometimes the way with these kinds of series.

  7. I’m glad to know it gets better. I did enjoy the first one. The one with the rats was kinda weird. The third and fourth ones don’t also involve the main character owing someone money do they?

  8. You’re going to help me? 🥺🥺🥺

  9. What the fuck, KJ? Goddamnit, I think Kam Chancellor is probably the only star from the Super Bowl who hasn’t irritated the shit out of me yet

  10. It sounds stupid as I type this, but yeah I cried pretty hard when Beth shot mr. Poopybutthole and then went to the kitchen crying, shaking while drinking wine.

  11. That chicken looks so good. How did you season it? It looks like Buffalo wings

  12. Lol I feel like that was a jump scare

  13. I love this idea. How high do you intend on soloing for?

  14. So the cleric cannot group until level 60. At level 60 he will slowly begin to understand common tongue and interact with others. Until then all he knows is elvish. And while I will turn off the Tengwar language to ask for ports, I can only be ported by Elves. Wizards, Druids but High elves and Wood elves only.

  15. Such a great idea. I always have so much fun twinking and leveling. I love the rp. And it is definitely a must to move around and see as much norrath as you can!

  16. Dang you got downvoted hard for speaking facts!

  17. I always considered 15 million merits to be most in the future. After metalhead, the world is a wasteland. So now we have a society like 15 million merits, where everyone has to stay in doors due to the nuclear apocalypse.

  18. I just wish I could narrow down what the “horror” aspect is going to be

  19. If you die at the nightclub, your ghost is stuck at the nightclub forever.

  20. I don’t think so! I believe this is clearly proof that daleks are water proof!

  21. What hotel? My dad lives on the Island, I want to go see this next time I’m there!

  22. Smugglers inn resort! I love it up here. So beautiful. Happy cake day btw

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