1. The cabinet was in session at the time as the first Gulf War was about to kick off , video has footage of the attack :

  2. I was in the cabinet office a while ago, you can still see some damage inside. Apparently it was left on purpose.

  3. Do you think people will try and find a way to excuse it?

  4. There have been other posts on this topic from time to time and some people try to downplay or excuse King Leopold's contributions to this genocide since he never set foot in the Congo. However, many of the top Nazis convicted and executed in war crimes trials never personally killed their victims, but they are just as culpable since they planned the Holocaust and gave the orders to others who carried out their 'wishes'.

  5. Christ, imagine trying to downplay what this scumbag was responsible for.

  6. The Russian Czar was particularly passionate about his hobby of amateur dentistry, and would proudly carry around a bag of teeth he had pulled out of the mouths of his mostly unwilling "patients". He often got a bit carried away and pulled out perfectly healthy teeth too.

  7. Great article! Love you subreddit/website btw, really enjoy all your posts

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