1. Using coffee as the base and following the kombucha recipe otherwise should work just fine. However, it may not give you something you can keep brewing from, coffee isn’t quite right for the bacteria in kombucha so you’ll likely have to start every batch with your normal tea kombucha as the starter.

  2. No, it shouldn’t wiggle. If that’s a department store bike, you should either return it and buy something from a bike shop, or have it looked over by a mechanic before riding. Department store bikes are usually put together by a minimum wage worker with no training, and it’s pretty normal for them to be falling apart already when you roll them out the door.

  3. There really aren’t racks that’ll fit on a suspension fork. Even your rear rack may be impossible to fit on that bike, generally you just don’t use racks on suspension bikes. You’ll find much better options of you look into getting a seat bag and a handlebar bag instead.

  4. This will be decoded case-by-case any the LTB. There’s no hard rule against it, but you’ll have a hard time getting an eviction if it’s just so that you can rent your other property out at a higher rate.

  5. Sugar. The amount of sugar in the bottle controls how much gas you get. The warmer the environment it the faster it will carbonate, but the sugar levels will always dictate the max carbonation you can get.

  6. You cannot install a boost wheel on a non-boost frame or fork. The hub shells themselves are wider, the end caps for both hubs are the same.

  7. Yes, wrapping a rubber band around the unlatched catch us a great idea. You don’t want pressure to be able to build up in there, as the bottle could explode if it was left fully locked.

  8. Mason jars won’t seal up enough to carbonate. This is a good thing, because they’re not designed to hold pressure and can explode if you manage to seal them. So no, they are not a good choice for any kind of brewing.

  9. That does not have long to live.

  10. Basically all fermented sodas have at least .5% alcohol.

  11. That they remain sealed without the screw-on rings is testament to their (probably) still being edible. Mushy, but edible. If botulism were present, those lids would have popped off a long time ago. Botulinum bacteria create gases that build up pressure. If the seal had broken in other ways, then the contents of the jars would be unrecognizable because of the activity of aerobic bacteria turning them essentially into compost.

  12. Botulism does not produce gasses.

  13. You have insurance, they will pay for all the damages. Since the driver was at fault, your insurance will treat this as if you were at fault. You’ll have to pay your deductible, and your rates will likely go up. Any lawsuits that may come out of this will go through your insurance, who will take care of everything .

  14. If you took apple cider that was 5-8% alcohol, and left it exposed to the air and/or added some raw acv to it, yes you’d eventually get apple cider vinegar.

  15. Sewing supply depot on Spadina has waxed canvas, and a lot of other stuff.

  16. If it was marked for 10cm minimum insertion before, you still need 10cm inside the frame now. You absolutely should not be riding it with less than 10cm in the frame, you can crack your frame that way.

  17. That’ll have no impact on anything, and you won’t even see it once you install it. Maybe let the seller know and you’ll get a discount or something, but it’s certainly not worth your time to return it.

  18. Do you actually think we can predict weather patterns to within a few km’s? If they call for rain in Toronto, and it only rains in half of Toronto, I’d give them the win.

  19. Of course it’s more expensive to get it delivered, do you think that someone is going to pick up food and deliver it to your house for free?

  20. Looks like it’s been lifted. Pretty nice ride!

  21. That’s what I said also. Couldn’t see any lift spacers but it does have Bilsteins on it.

  22. There are longer rear springs available from VW sold as tow springs, and people usually use Tiguan springs for the fronts to keep the lift level. I haven’t done mine, but my buddy did his a while back and was quite happy with it.

  23. Well to start off, e-scooters are illegal in Toronto so there actually is no place they belong.

  24. https://www.ontario.ca/page/electric-kick-style-scooters-e-scooters

  25. https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/streets-parking-transportation/cycling-in-toronto/cycling-and-the-law/electric-bicycles-e-bikes-e-scooters/

  26. Once a few spokes break it’s time to rebuild the wheel. The rim is likely a bit bent, and the spokes are fatigued. Now that you’ve broken a few more spokes, I’d definitely bring it in for a new rim and spokes.

  27. cheers, is it generally more cost effective to rebuild the wheel like this rather than purchasing a new wheel?

  28. If it’s not a particularly nice hub, it’s usually a better value to just replace the whole wheel.

  29. Yes, if you’re careful to only pop the pin out partway, then press that pin back in to rejoin the chain it’ll work in a pinch. I’ve run chains this way for a pretty long time, but it’s still not a great idea. That pin will always be more prone to failure than others, a quick link is a much better solution.

  30. Running into things can bend a fork. Looking at the side shot of your bike, you definitely bent the steerer tube. Once bent, the bearings won’t sit properly which caused one to fall out.

  31. To park a car on the street overnight long term you need a residential parking permit. You fill out an application and bring it to city hall. You’ll need to show proof that you live at that address, and that you do not have your own parking spot for that vehicle.

  32. Thank you so so much for the detailed reply! I'm think of sell one of the cars since public transportation is well build in Toronto or so I have heard🙏

  33. If you don’t absolutely need the car, I’d definitely wouldn’t bring it here.

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