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  1. I Kalifornien finns numera en lag som gör det obligatoriskt för företag att visa löneintervall i jobbannonser.

  2. Dock fungerar det inte riktigt på större företag, för att intervallen ibland är helt absurda och rollerna som jämförs ganska vaga. Tex: Stor spelutvecklare Jobb: Game designer Yearly salary range: $29 000 - $185 000

  3. Någon här på sweddit poängterade att det hette blickstilla och inte blixtstilla för ett tag sedan, jag har fortfarande inte släppt det

  4. as someone who wants one is it any good in the snow despite being RWD? I imagine its good because it was built for the harsh weathers of Sweden

  5. Well, it's fun atleast. But you are going to drift alot if you are not use to it lol. Any amount of acceleration in a some-what narrow turning is going to send that back out. (Especially with no load in the back). Good tires helps, but any more modern FWD car will behave alot better you are after stability.

  6. Was the blue tint in purpose? The color balance / temperature is impressively bad if not.

  7. Tyvärr är mitt lokala (påtvingade) postombud lokala PostNord Företagscenter. Skulle nog hellre ha detta helt ärligt.

  8. Att vi har varit neutrala de senaste (isch) 200 åren

  9. Detta. Kan rekomendera P3 Dysopias avsnitt Om kriget kommer som snackar lite om detta.

  10. Are there np infrared cameras in it? That wouldve caught it at least.

  11. No they removed radar and ultrasonic sensors, they never had infrared cameras

  12. Gjorde något liknande idag med någon kostymnisse som slashasade omkring med ansiktet i telefonen framför rulltrapporna upp från röda vid TC. Förstår mig inte på folk som har noll uppmärksamhet/ insikt kring saker när dom åker kollektivt.

  13. Are you new to the modern job hunting world? I have an excel spreadsheet of every job I applied. I’m at around 4,000+ now and I’m in my late 20s. It’s all about the numbers game now if you want to have a good chance of landing an interview. By the time I retire, I’ll probably hit 20,000 job apps.

  14. This is fucking insane. I am in my mid twenties, and i have applied for a total of five jobs since i was 19, and have gotten four of them. (Although two of them was internal hiring at my last workplace).

  15. I went to "my room" after check in and saw belongings scattered around and could hear the shower running... so yeah I agree with this LPT! It freaks me out that the person never knew I was there.

  16. I usually have my lunch break together with my boss, we have some good conversations while eating and then we both return to work when we need to (because i don't work at a toxic workplace).

  17. Tbh it was really half-assed. Mounting it as low as he could would make a lot of difference to, warm air rises.

  18. Fattar inte varför folk är ovanligt mer fattiga i Januari? Hur jävla mycket spenderar folk på jul och nyår egentligen? Och har folk boll budget som dom följer?

  19. it´s not accurate. 1,29€ for Hamburger and 1,49€ for chickenburger at McD last week. But tbf i don´t have any other solution than for anyone driving to the store and photographing the menu for you.

  20. It baffles me that roundabouts isn't a big thing in the US. Earlier this year i drove something like 7000 miles in the western US and i counted something like 9 roundabouts in total. Here where i live in Europe i have 9 roundabouts on just the the ~10 miles i have to drive to work lol. Tbh they aren't always perfect, but in like 90% of situations they are better than awful intersections with 4+ roads.

  21. Smaken är något off, men texturen har en tendens att vara mest off och avslöja det hela tycker jag. Inget jätte fan tyvärr

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