1. This isn’t trashy. Also why can’t she lay down

  2. If this isn't trashy what, pray tell, in your thinking, is trashy?

  3. Ran out of meth, let's take the wagon down to Sonic for some chilidogs.

  4. and tater tots! They have the best tots.......

  5. The lung institute says; Cheyenne, Wyoming-- Urban Honolulu, Hawaii-- Casper, Wyoming-- Bismarck, North Dakota-- Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, Hawaii (tied)-- Pueblo-Cañon City, Colorado-- Elmira-Corning, New York-- Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida-- Sierra Vista-Douglas, Arizona (tied)-- Wenatchee, Washington-- They say the best state overall is Florida

  6. Dang it I didn't go back far enough then

  7. The bot is wrong. It points to a different upload. I uploaded this about two hours ago and your bot removed it. I hit reply and nothing happen so I deleted the original post and reposted and the bot flagged it again.

  8. Anyone else anticipate the tow cable to snap?

  9. I was waiting on the front of the car to get torn off. I don't understand why they used such a long strap.

  10. And this is precisely why you wear full clothing when on a motorcycle. If this guy didn’t have long sleeves and pants he would’ve likely had less skin.

  11. Someone put effort into this, love the shingles on the hood.

  12. I love how they left the rear view mirror on the door.

  13. Nice one.....You sir win the internet for today.

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