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  1. Happened to my cousin too! You have to get the original marriage certificate as proof and then fill in some or other forms and it will be corrected.

  2. There are a lot of moving pieces in your story - drinking to avoid reality, cheating, the guilt over the kid, prior abuse.

  3. You sound very wise sir and you’re making very good points. I’ll start looking for a lawyer tomorrow.

  4. My best advice for now is to try and stick it out for your son. He won’t have much of a normal childhood if both you and your wife neglect him. Look up “Early Childhood Development” and “Attachment Theory…”

  5. Thank you, you’ve summed up my thought process nicely. It really hurts to know that he’s going to get the short end of the stick.

  6. Luis Suarez to Liverpool has to make the top 10 at least.

  7. We’re all just blocking the street, we’re all just blocking the street…

  8. Dude. That’s a seriously photogenic baby. Congrats!

  9. My dudes, I cannot recommend highly enough

  10. He eats those haha. I had to switch back to regular bibs because he just wouldn’t focus.

  11. gvardiol who's probably the best out of all of them

  12. Yeah but that wasn't the question.

  13. I apologise for being off topic but what surveys do you do? I tried looking for legit ones but they always turn out to be scams and so I've just stopped looking. TIA

  14. Every localised iteration of Michael Jackson's "don't stop til you get enough" chorus.

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