1. You shouldn’t have to upgrade things. Too many people buy into a hobby and immediately think about what upgrades or extras they need. Wait until something breaks then upgrade.

  2. Sorry, I didn't mean the dungeon bosses. I mean the one big bad boss to advance your statue level. So when I click on Trial Challenge, it takes me to 1 big boss, and it wrecks me. The dungeon bosses are easy.

  3. According to the statue it says the statue resets when a new act is added so I guess that kinda gave off that vibe. Who knows I try to expect the worst so I’m surprised if I’m wrong. As for those bosses I haven’t had too much trouble with most but some just gimp you.

  4. “I have already informed police of your intention.” What intention? Having a splendid friendsgiving and everyone enjoying themselves?

  5. Police officer turns out to be chill and befriends the party host and next year they have a 16+ person Friendsgiving.

  6. I’d say this is beyond glass cannon. I find it hard to believe they don’t get 1hko with pretty much every attack.

  7. Why ruin such a solid setup with such awful grip? Even if you don't like foam, you can still just use regular skate grip!

  8. not hating bcs i actually do enjoy some good old fashioned tech decks straight from the pack but after like a week it just feels like an old piece of like a used nail file with the grit covered by old nail particles. does it not get like that for you or do you just like have some other worldly abilitly to use fingerboards with practically no grip

  9. I wear gloves at work so idk maybe that prevents sweat from getting on the grip tape making it last longer. Idk 3 months and it feels the same it did when I applied it.

  10. I am still kinda new but isn't there a whole training ground for you to test these things? Slap on each weapon and go to the training ground and run the dps tester.

  11. Any tricks to leveling the chaos statue? I’m at the level 13 statue where you pretty much get shit rates unless using rare maps.

  12. That band name sounds like it was created by an emo revival band name generator

  13. 275/week is what we paid for a friend to watch our daughter. Now we have a nanny that we pay 300/week. We have been on waiting lists for various daycare centers for over a year now.

  14. You can get pretty much everything with crystals. You can buy as much gold as you need. Using gold and bought chaos elements you can level runes. By disassembling runes you can get all kinds of rune upgrades. Access to infinite rune upgrades will let you instantly get rare synthesis runes and upgrade all your runes to legendary. And you can buy all the top gear from AH.

  15. Nonsense. It sounds like you've only played Korean and Chinese games, for which this is the standard.

  16. Final Fantasy XIV you can buy currency and items from websites. WoW you can buy currency and items from websites. Diablo 2 Resurrected you can buy items from websites. Path of Exile you can buy items from websites. Lost Ark you can buy items fro websites.

  17. 5. Prayer has ruined combat in the game for the future. Crafting will suck not having but oh well. Fire making is pointless.

  18. Got some free games out of that, infamous and little big planet i think

  19. I think they let you choose between 6 different titles. The titles although not the best were not bad titles at all.

  20. Perhaps 10 from poison dot and 5 from TF.

  21. In one of the spec trees you can get 5 additional stacks added to poison so you can reach 15 Poison and 5 from TF.

  22. Portrayal of Guilt is not emo, where did you get that from lol?

  23. I really hope we keep getting these comparisons for every Pokemon game that gets released! It’s very interesting content!

  24. Really? Cuz it happens every Pokémon since gold and silver releases and people still defend the shit like it’s a cult.

  25. What in the Android discrimination is this. iPhone ones are down to 74.99 but the Android one remains full price..

  26. Doesn’t apple have to switch their charging port to USB C by the new year? That could explain why. Trying to sell off the remaining stock because I’d imagine Backbone will thrive only having to make one model.

  27. What do you mean ‘do it right’? There is no objectively right way to do it lmao. You just assumed your way was the right way.

  28. Idk why you’re being downvoted when you’re right. Cosmetically one might be the better option but as far as I can tell the OP just wanted a fix. Superglue will fix the issue, but there is a cosmetically better option.

  29. with that logic he might as well use duct tape

  30. Duct tape isn’t a bad option. It fixes it. Might not look sexy but it works!

  31. Idk how much it would help since idk anything about the iPod touches power button placement but could you possibly place foam to prevent pressing? Or maybe use a Dremel tool to create an indent in the rubber piece?

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