1. Fuck that. Fuck this. Never riding again. Fuck you.

  2. Plot twist - they're one of the squatters.

  3. I really wish Dierks didn't turn out to be a douche. This scene is a masterpiece, but I was hoping he was really coming rather than going.

  4. Carter actually provides instructions on how to open and clean their releases. Stan is the scumbag that thinks they can even tell if someone has opened their release.

  5. Hmm. I called Carter last year to see if they had instructions because my release was squeaking. They told me it was a good thing I called because taking it apart myself would void the warranty. 🤷‍♂️

  6. Fair enough! They recommended just spraying penetrating oil in mine and blowing the excess out with compressed air. Did the job without taking it apart.

  7. I don't think I had vanilla bean ice cream until my 20s. I had a similar question. 🤷‍♂️

  8. I’m really grateful I learned to Google my embarrassing questions instead of posting them for all the world to laugh at me.

  9. Fair point. I would have googled it if I hadn't been with someone who knew. Some people are weird with what they post these days.

  10. Pretty sure every band student gets that "scholarship."

  11. I have no idea. He set up the audition. I don't think it matters. Just needed opinions on if it was worth going. Your comment doesn't actually answer the question.

  12. You're absolutely right. Looked like many others had already answered, so I didn't feel so bad commenting with something that didn't answer the question.

  13. Maybe I'm not using gestures right but I don't understand the argument people are trying to make for the curved screen. Why is it better on a curved screen vs a flat screen when it comes to gestures?

  14. Get the sense that it may be your first day in that seed, but not your first time playing. 🤔

  15. Not sure if it was just because of my personal situation, but I Prevail's Trauma album got me through.

  16. I'm out of the loop on this kid, but he's everywhere today.

  17. Keep beating the clock before it beats you.

  18. I wonder if his voice has ever cracked while doing his thing.

  19. Damn that even looked intentional. Like where was he expecting that knee to land? It was a direct hit on the Pickett boys

  20. Well, if you consider his kick earlier in the fight, he was just hoping it landed.

  21. The UFC pumping him got me excited about him. Then they played dumb about the low blow. Now he's trying to over compensate about it. Now I'm excited to see him get knocked out.

  22. I would hope people aren’t basing “goat status” on anything other than resume. Ability to promote should have nothing to do with it. People wouldn’t forget him if his resume was more impressive, it just isn’t that great compared to goats of other divisions (HW division just isn’t that deep compared to others).

  23. You really think people do research before expressing their opinion?

  24. That I don’t even think Anik was able to tell me what beer to drink for my fighting spirit….

  25. Get yourself some PRIME for those BCAAs though!

  26. Take it from Jon Jones. The key to success is being humble.

  27. Happy that I looked at the sidebar to see this. I love this album. Didn't really start to listen to them until a couple years ago.

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