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  1. This is a really good take that expresses many of the reasons why my eyes roll back in my head whenever Saagar mentions ‘barstool conservatism’.

  2. Europe is a lot of different countries, these are absurdly broad generalizations to slap on almost 50 nations.

  3. A good solution if time wasn’t an issue and desalination created rain and prevented fires and deforestation. Unfortunately that’s not exactly our situation

  4. It’s less time is an issue than regulation. We could do it very fast if we wanted to. And we can use the water we desalinate for anything, including making rain and preventing fires.

  5. Well if you can figure out how to convince people they want unregulated nueclear power plants in their area and figure out how to get that desalinated water into the sky as rain and make it all cost effective you’ll do us all a great service. Regardless we should try to cut carbon emissions now.

  6. Huh, never happened though. Guess you got confused again. I’ve actually never blocked anyone on Reddit. I guess it’s time to find out how.

  7. You're not a very good liar lol.

  8. Wow. You really are desperate for negative interaction. Fine, I’ll figure out how to block you.

  9. Animal Man was from the 60's. Speedball and Booster Gold from the 80's. So, it has been around for a while.

  10. Ah don’t know why it reminds me of the 90’s, maybe animated series X-Men. It isn’t my favorite look

  11. Probably gambit, he's rocked that look for a long time, and was big in the 90s.

  12. Bernie is weak against Biden and too old. I don’t consider legislative experience much of a necessity. After all, if experience in politics made you a better politician, Biden would be one of the best ever.

  13. This might be the way to make them do it. Democrats love when their plans backfire.

  14. Oh okay! Weird, it was my birthday a couple days ago, thought it was cause of that.

  15. I like all the replacement Green Lanterns. Kyle, John Stewart, Guy Guardener. I don’t know Jessica Cruz well but she seems cool.

  16. White shirt with the light skin tone doesn’t pop. Background might have something to do with it, but what about a different shirt color? Maybe salmon, magenta or a green?

  17. I need more comics of Mr Rogers meeting superheroes. I bet he and Wolverine would have a good talk.

  18. Still no clue what a zine is. Even after all their talk.

  19. It’s a self published magazine. Generally photocopied and 8.5” by 5.5”, but not required.

  20. They sort of said that. I'm just kind of like "uhh, why would you make that?" and "who on God's earth would want to read one?" 🤔😂

  21. I'm actually kind of surprised there's not a GCP fanzine.

  22. I agree, though it's just a matter of preference. Saul's con man schemes are a good break from drama and crime, and the slightly more comedic tone is just something I enjoy more. Also I think Breaking Bad did too good a job capturing the drudgery of Walt's family life, to the degree where I was often miserable watching his family's weird meals and petty arguments.

  23. Give a shot out to rbg for ignoring Obamas suggestion of retiring too

  24. Would that matter? Six to three, one vote doesn’t change anything.

  25. This isn't a great arguement when the people you're arguing against believe that abortion is an evil act and there for is perfectly in line with being legal in evil countries and not here.

  26. Word, maybe ‘more free and ‘authoritarian’ should be subbed in.

  27. As a huge fan of cosmic horror I never considered the position you are in. Although the vast majority of a Delta Green or Call of Cuthulu campaign will be a mystery, cosmic horror aspects are extremely rare.

  28. Our own Chris French is loving using the AI art apps. We were barely able to squeeze in the last session because we were having so much fun giving him prompts to create. This is the Meat Plant, in the style of Jim Woodring. Got a favorite?

  29. Wow, poor grammar, that's what I get for beer and typing. I believe the quote was something about "I don't want to talk about reddit". It seems to be polite on here lately, though quiet. I'm still enjoying your content, keep it up guys.

  30. I’m not exactly sure what that was about, but I like the Reddit a lot. I’m also a regular Reddit user though so that may be the difference. I’m glad you’re still enjoying! The crew is loving playing Meat Plant, even though it’s genuinely fucking us up mentally. A lot of meat dreams going round.

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