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  1. Hopefully they will have more sympathy for missing persons in the future, when they're in power.

  2. Aerials covered by Amon Amarth is easily one of my favourite songs ever.

  3. Context? News article? When did the incident take place.

  4. https://m.economictimes.com/news/new-updates/pakistan-mob-attacks-hindu-man-over-alleged-blasphemy/amp_articleshow/93708684.cms

  5. Fair enough but looks like the police were quick to beat back the crowd of rioters and cases against the rioters were promptly registered.

  6. The vibes are on point for each team. Except karachi might be better represented with a 🤡

  7. With Bobby gone, I can finally commit to hating on them fully this season.

  8. You forgot Abrar ul Haq. He's probably one of the greatest ever in the region, not just Pakistan.

  9. I didn't quite understand the noose symbolism in the final fight. Why did Freya have a noose and why was there a spell on it?

  10. Just another normal day of Pakistani cricket

  11. I think the only thing that really left me stumped was did they need Surtur at all?

  12. Just glad they didn't start the video with a quick edit of terror attacks and news clips of how it's the most dangerous country in the world.

  13. I earned in dollars. I’ll definitely have to get one of those next month. Where do I get it from?

  14. I have this at home, and it works quite well in supporting the fibre modem and wi-fi router. Even lasted almost an entire day a few times when our substation went down.

  15. Has to be NASA, if they had even a fraction of the funding US military got, the world would be so much better off.

  16. As someone who survived 16/12/14, I can 100% confidently say that indeed people have learned nothing from this. It doesn't matter to anyone until it happens to them.

  17. Sorry to hear that you had to live through it. Hope you received the support you needed after

  18. If your faith is threatened by wishing someone Merry Christmas, than you have bigger things to worry about.

  19. Committing blasphemy can happen by saying a few words “I am God”. Or “This person is God”. So your logic is plain stupid

  20. Ridiculous straw man argument there. Comes back to my point though, you should have the strength of character to walk away from such a situation without escalating it because we live in a civilised society.

  21. Or the aliens are comically bad at their jobs and have been ignoring their actual jobs whilst distracting themselves by playing politics of the bloody civilians. That too me makes more sense. At the end of the day it will be poor soldiers and lower rank officers who will lay down their lives because the of incompetence of the top brass.

  22. Doesn't help the Imran kept saying that Afghanistan liberated itself.

  23. That comment gave some legitimacy to the Afghan Taliban and their tactics used against the American troops. By the way Immy said this repeatedly, and now any local Taliban commander can look at the Durrand Line as proof of past injustices against the Afghan people by colonial authorities and start attacking the troops and the people living there to dismantle it.

  24. Soft power people. This is why we invest in the arts.

  25. We need a clear separation of Test and limited overs cricket. Maybe follow the English approach of having different coaching staff, I'm sure PCB can afford it. Bring in Misbah (controversial I know) but he was our best Test Captain and rebuild the team.

  26. Reminder that Ehsanullah Ehsan is still alive and living with his family in exile.

  27. I'm sure some of the boys thought they were getting a good deal here.

  28. To the intellectuals here who propose invading Afghanistan, maybe try reading a history book.

  29. Who's talking about invasion? Send in a couple of JF17s.

  30. The clowns are being cautious; because violence may spiral out of control. The Taliban has significant support in Pakistan; particularly in border areas, and there are over 1 million Afghans living in Pakistan. Escalating the conflict will cause significant violence within Pakistan.

  31. Have you seen the protests by people in Swat alone over the past year? They are sick of Taliban, TTP, the whole lot.

  32. He's always been like this. Twitter purchase just brought it to the front.

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