1. Keep at it and he might be elected to congress.

  2. Why stand there and engage with this turd? I let them talk to my ass. Scream all you want, I'm going about my business. Talking to these bigots never ends in a net positive.

  3. Floof your hair and be Mugen from Samurai Champloo

  4. "Yeah, where's the chips? I dunno why I'm so hungry brah..."

  5. Bro was jamming to Starlight by Stephanie Mills. A vibe.

  6. True, but only one connected. Scissorman goes down immediately after the first.

  7. Public transit seat germs aren't the same as public transit floor germs.

  8. I'm surprised she didn't get mauled. I visited Gibraltar and the monkeys there would chew your hand off for a corn chip.

  9. Antibiotics when you don’t need them and vaccines not given immediately after birth?

  10. You've been rabidly attacking anyone who thinks this is batshit crazy, presumably because you agree with this batshit crazy birthing plan. You are the one who needs to calm down.

  11. So what if she is? Is she not deserving of respect and consideration for herself and her child in the most vulnerable moment of their lives?

  12. That's interesting.:You added a lot of word salad to what I said, and none of those words were things I actually said. I hope you enjoyed all the cardio while you were jumping to conclusions. 🙃

  13. What the heck filter can do this on video?! You’re right, this seems pretty advanced

  14. There's a little shelf behind her that's warped in the second video. Lol to her right, near the green braid. It looks like the kind I keep my shoes on, put together with straight aluminum tubes. They don't bow out like that though.

  15. Isn't she the same one who posted the video of her alligator tears when the video didn't get positive reactions?

  16. Banned from flying on United.

  17. Southwest is practically BEGGING for this with their cheap "damage control" flight offers right now.

  18. Fairly certain everything under the hem of her top was just digitally enlarged and then pasted underneath her normal sized torso. This is a pretty easy illusion to explain.

  19. 🎵 Hotter. Longer. Harder. Dumber. Ever. After. Burning. Odor.🎵

  20. I don't remember the structure of the Brazilian anything that well, but aren't BOPE also specific to Rio de Janeiro?

  21. I read twice before realizing you weren't talking about Robert Downey Jr. I need some sleep.

  22. I would love these! Good luck to everyone. 💜

  23. Fairly certain the person writing this has never had sex with anyone other than himself.

  24. She's a frickin' hero. Amazing response. Literally saved that kid's life. I hope he recovers and gets treatment. Saddens me to see these struggles with addiction.

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