1. Only buy it if your a experienced player, even then it will be rather challenging for someone who hasent eased in on it

  2. The best use of them is too wait for a few months. After that you can trade them ingame for some WB and buy backups or whatever you want with them.

  3. Just reattach the entire wing ay, might as well get a new plane at that point

  4. Kamikaze actually works? I gotta start grinding Japan planes asap

  5. Yeah most players don't bother climbing that high for one kill so it normally works pretty well

  6. Use your alt, a lot of players will 90” climb and try to set you on fire/rip your wing only for them to fail and stall above you

  7. Good idea, and with this bomber it will easy with how good it handles

  8. You can be the best player in a match but if your team sucks your gonna lose either way

  9. It helps but i would do it when I had agility maxed out.

  10. When your crew members survive the spalling and explosive fillers, you'll be thankful that you leveled it.

  11. Yeah would be nice if my entire turret crew didn't die instantly from some spall

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