1. "They have tough jaws and teeth designed specifically to crush tough shells of crustaceans, which means their bite can be pretty strong. Sea otters are studied to generate a formidable bite with up to 80 pounds of force, which is even greater than their average body size."

  2. Dont blame em. Sea Otters are notorious for sexual assault.

  3. I 100% believe you, but I have to know why being an aviation safety investigator makes you a source for otter sexual assault.

  4. So these are just leftover NY style pizza dough I had leftover from the weekend.

  5. Is that a metric or imperial fuckton? In all seriousness though, when you say cold fermented for 48 hours, does that mean you did the bulk rise in your fridge for two days?

  6. When i get it fixed I probably will. What would you recommend? I like the SightMark reflex sights. Do they make receiver mounts for these?

  7. I dunno as long as it looks rad ass like call of duty or Fortnite. I hear there’s a really good website for sick tactical gear called wish.com, maybe check that out.

  8. Could be a million tons of ho-hos, dropped off by the last galactic empire. What doesn’t anyone talk about that either???

  9. Thanks everyone for sharing links and thoughts on target options. I still think the ballistics question is interesting. What’s the intended use of a 20+ inch gong only rated for pistol calibers?

  10. Well if you have one shipped or buy online it’s probably pricey but anything is possible if you have the cash. Ive seen many a good ELR target that was harvested from a scrap yard. Finding scrap steel sheets at a local scrap yard would be the best. Get creative with the drill and make a decently tall saw horse from scrap wood to hang it on. What ive done. But ive found that 6-10” x #100yds = fair open sight capability. 3’x3’-5’x5’ sheet of 3/8 steel at 600 yrds shold handle 1000-1500 ft/lbs decently.

  11. Thanks for the specifics. I’ll check out the scrapyard.

  12. Nangkartshang? Looks like that’s Amphu Gyabjen across with the Imja Khola running through the valley.

  13. "No other weapon will command the wholesome respect amongst the lawless..."

  14. “Zounds! Although I stand ready to execute wanton criminality, I find myself flummoxed by the awesome power of the pistols wielded by agents of justice! Curse them!”

  15. Ah cool! Yank here. Flew with some RCAF guys back in my navy days. Super nice, obviously.

  16. If video games have taught me anything those symbols on the temple are a combination to a secret vault.

  17. Pretty damn good for AI but it still reads like a high school essay that’s trying to hit a minimum page count

  18. I’d tell my sergeant that my rifle looks like it’s 100 years old!

  19. At first I thought it was a Fürter but didn’t look quite right. I have one of those. A quick search tells me it might be a Fine sight / corrector Tip Top, System Müller Othmarsingen. See this page for details.

  20. That’s definitely it! Well done. I guess I didn’t search as thoroughly as I thought on swisswaffen. Any idea if “H” means POI up or down?

  21. If your rounds land high. Turn to H. If your rounds land low. Turn to T

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