1. Element were my favorite in Michigan. Terpene Tank pods for cheap to save $

  2. Nice! Where did you purchase from? Been considering getting one for variety.

  3. Firelands has been pretty good for me over the last year or so.

  4. I’ve had good luck with Firelands pods (favs were Tally Mon, Gelato Fuel, Sour Papaya & Switchberry OG). I still prefer Grow Ohio and Klutch pods more tho. Blueberry Vintage by GO and Lemon Slushee by Klutch are both fantastic

  5. Would you guys choose this over salty watermelon????? I've never tried this one but I know salty is solid. i just want something delicious with a good high. don't we all? but fr should i try this one or go with what I know?

  6. Salty is much better. I honestly bought it for the cool jar. Effects are way better on the Salty

  7. Astral Destiny is my fav strain in the program but haven’t seen it in about a year. Current go to is Blueberry Cookies. Liked EPBC, Lilac Diesel, Gorilla Nut. Didn’t care for Snowball or Second Breakfast

  8. I fucking love Astral Destiny. By far the funkiest smelling flower I’ve ever smelled in my entire life. Definitely my favorite in the program too. I wish some more would come around.

  9. My wife recently messaged them about it on Instagram and they told her it might be making a comeback soon!

  10. How much do these cost compared to a luster?

  11. I just had a tenth of the wedding mints and it was not great for me. Not much smell and very little effects. Was hoping for a winner since I hear that’s one of their better strains but I wouldn’t buy it again

  12. Get your racist ass outta here. Don’t need you around 🤡

  13. good price for artifact for sure. I recently got a tenth of the cake crasher. It’s good but not memorable. In the middle Relaxing effects and nice flavor. Would buy again on discount but I like a lot of their other strains better

  14. I love the Dual OG. Got the Cake Crasher for the first time, and I was actually pleasantly surprised.

  15. Glad you enjoyed. I got some Dual OG as week but have been saving it for this weekend. Looking forward to it

  16. Thanks for the heads up. One of my fav strains of all time

  17. Layer Cake is a great strain for Lusters. Definitely one of the only pods that truly helps me sleep. The Firelands pods are great! Tally Mon, Sour Papaya and Gelato Fuel have all been winners for me. My current favorite it Klutch’s Lemon Slushee. Have only had one LR in the program and it was Super Lemon Haze while good, it didn’t make me want to stick to all LR. I also prefer the price point of the full spectrum oil better

  18. Hope you enjoy. I bought a bag of Galenas cake crasher tonight and it had a 3.1 gram nug in the bag.

  19. Tried the cake crasher tonight. Very smooth and even effects. Not a couch lock but relaxing. Taste was mild kind of like a spice donut. Would get again

  20. I thought the O43 was my fav pod until I had the slushee. Go Lemon

  21. Lume is based in Michigan and has tons of locations. A few of my friends drive from Ohio to the dispensary there in Petersburg. I personally haven’t had any product except a cart from them. A lot of people in the Michigan MMJ group consider it mids but I think it may be because there are so many locations. I know their Jenny Kush is supposed to be their one of their top sellers. Hope that helps.

  22. Interesting do you know who any of the top growers are in Michigan Thanks

  23. I’ve had luck with Heavyweight Heads and Pleasant Trees flower wise. I mainly go to Michigan for buying vapes in bulk but only go a couple times a year. Vapes wise Element make nice carts.

  24. Got this same jar tonight and it’s fantastic. Really really relaxing

  25. Noticed the more recent batches of Sour P haven’t been as potent as before but still a great strain. I use that stain a ton. “Rough Cut” from Firelands is usually always fire and priced well

  26. Just so you guys know what the latest looks like.

  27. Thanks planning on picking up this same jar today. Good looking out

  28. What’s the starter kit? I think I’ve only ever seen just the battery.

  29. Starter kit comes with one pod and a GO battery. Some people use the packaging as a battery holder as well. I like the GO battery because it’s got more of a rubber grip than the shiny luster batteries most places sell.

  30. I like the older site better for searching but thanks for the heads up. Noticed most the prices went up on most everything between $3-$6 once the change happened too

  31. Didn’t notice that, thanks for letting us know

  32. I experienced same thoughts when I put a cart on one of the old JoshD batteries! The JoshD cart was trash, lol, so harsh I couldn't vape it but the battery is still good, lol. It did have a stronger effect! I still use the magnet battery for some carts to microdose during the day.

  33. Still got my JoshD pens lol. They do work pretty well still

  34. What was the price point for this? Looks pretty good to me

  35. With the solventless element you are going to see a fuller flavor profile that is more true to the plant. In terms of effects I’m not sure how that would differ from their traditional distillate gummies?

  36. I’ve had the normal ones and the full spectrum ones and didn’t notice much of a difference between the two. I noticed the full spectrum were extremely chewy when I bought them too. I jus buy the regular now since they are 10 bucks cheaper

  37. That’s a no brainer then. How do they compare to Mainstreet health RSO gummies? Been wanting to try those

  38. Can’t say but had some normal RSO recently and it was much better than gummies for me. I shop at Firelands in Huron mainly. I know they are selling 27 packs of 20mg gummies now as a higher dose option. Been meaning to give those a go sometime

  39. I talked to a budtender one time probably a year ago while buying Youforia by Certified and she said she loved the Youforia by Meigs for what it’s worth. The Certified strain was excellent too

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