1. I have audio and video of me . Audio will take a bit to find

  2. Damn. I don't like it. I love it. Even got my dick harder than it was already

  3. You are absolutely beautiful. Your eyes are gorgeous. Your breasts are perfect in look shape and size, and nipples. Perky to. Love that. Little I can see of you. Safe bet the rest of your body is hot and beautiful. I wouldn't change anything seen in this pic. Other letting hair to continue to grow.

  4. You naughty yummy girl you. I love masturbating when out of house too. Public restrooms, front porch, while driving. Etc.. I have a high sex drive so even when I have sex I still masturbate even when once twice daily.

  5. Yummy. Please and thank you. Plan on be there awhile. Eating pussy is my favorite. Grind hard my face beautiful. I want your juices all in my mouth and on my face. Then slide back to my cock so I fuck you good and long. And have my cock my cock covered in your juice

  6. Damn! That's hot. Got me so hard I had to stroke my cock for a quick bit. Love those wet sounds. Your ass is beautiful and fucking yummy. What I would love to do to it.....

  7. Not at all. Beautiful, sexy, yummy. And made my cock grow

  8. Sweet. We have something in common I go out on my Front porch and stroke my coke. I'm actually about to do it shortly

  9. You sparked my curiosity. Would liket9 know more. And give it a go.

  10. Both testaments of the Bible clearly makes said distinction. And based off the Bible you are correct as his preference is the sinner. He wishes to help them more than the believer I belive because they need the most help. Like people that are drug addicts. They need far more help than the sober. Not to say the believer or the sober don't need help. They do. Just not as much as the sinner or addict still using. The believer and sober are already on the path. The sinner and addict are not. He wishes to help them get on the path

  11. You are right where you are supposed to be. You are not asleep. Our path isn't always I'm feeling blissful. Sometimes it's not feeling.

  12. I would simply say if nothing matters you need to dig deeper. And not to worry this is only temporary

  13. Your past led you to where you are now. How is fake? I think it's time to do more work on ego

  14. You are loved. Just not the way you want to be.

  15. Dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Also the vow can change multiple times. And maybe that's what you are experiencing. If not then just keep doing the first. You are right where your supposed to be. Don't read into it

  16. What we learn is not always for now. It's also for later. Nothing is being wasted

  17. Media has never calmed me or my head. Has never been a distraction. It always makes this stuff worse. The place I've been in for awhile media has became less. Now I very rarely watch any media. Be it TV movies, etc. For me it does far more harm then good. Always has.

  18. We all have a path to our true selves. Yes they are different for each. However there is a lot similarities. The simular here is they are experiences of when you become your true self. As far as the feelings , bliss, happiness, laughter, etc. The difference is how you came to have them, the jolt of lightning up your spine. Not to say others have not experienced this. Just that it's your difference. When these things happen they are letting you know what is possible and giving you a taste. To keep you on your path to your true self. They are also reminders that you are on the right path. Be it in light and darkness. Hope this helps

  19. Watching and sending pics are not one in the same. I do love being watched though. Very much

  20. I love everything about it. Taste smell, .and everything else. Love when she gets wet and her juice is in mouth and on my face. Love even more if she is a squirter. Going down is the first thing that happens every time. Then of course a short run later. Gets me hard quicker than shit. Gets me more aroused then what I am at that time. It's just yummy

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