Forgot my scarf at a park, went back and found this little fella [OC]

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  1. No, I fully agree that the EU should do that. My gripe is when people pretend that the issues we face are all because of us and not unforeseen pettiness on behalf of the EU. They've been petty because they don't want the UK to leave successfully, which is fine, but let's not pretend that all the issues are because Brexit was fundamentally flawed. One thing Brexiteers overlooked was how nasty the EU would be.

  2. Yeah, I think that too. I think the EU should really do that.

  3. "Shart Ppangs" is what I feel whenever I see his face in the media.

  4. You are the reason why that Shart is facing the lesser and lesser media.

  5. You’re right. I think I was trying to simplify it for non native readers. His father is sometimes referred to as King Kesari. But in true sense he was a leader, not technically a king. Hanuman thus wasn’t a king technically.

  6. You can ask me all kind of the question that you have regarding to that and i will happily give you the answer of those question. I have read the Ramayana so many times.

  7. “‘On your deathbed, you will receive complete and total consciousness’…so I got that going for me, which is nice”

  8. If I were on my deathbed, I would never let them know that I am totally conscious because I cannot imagine how painful it might be for the people I will leave behind.

  9. And the camera movement referencing the sofa.

  10. Oh, that's too bad... what I suggest is you suggesting her to cover it up with another tattoo. I am amazed to see how chill you seem about it despite being bothered though because if I were you, I would be crying so bad.

  11. We ain't paying for this one though.. 😑

  12. Maybe You'll not pay for it, but some people are going to pay for it.

  13. No it’s not active, they tabled it after UST collapse and kept it private for whitelisted institutions and tron DAO reserve

  14. I can see that it is not really possible because of it. Let us see that how they are going to reserve it out.

  15. It's not that deep... even people with unpierced lobes can smell if they do not clean... this is not surprising, maybe you should embrace the fact that people have bad hygiene though

  16. c-dy says:

    A couple of bucks aren't worth the flurry of diseases or microbes they could catch.

  17. Exactly, do you know just how dirty birds can be? They literally spread diseases. Goodbye scarf.

  18. Let's be honest, whatever happens in the coming decades, it surely cannot get worse than it is now.

  19. I think because of recession war and everything there is slight possibility that everyone gets messed up.

  20. I hope that seeing how loved, revered, and respected Zelensky is the world over eats putin alive inside. Zelensky will go down in history with a legacy and memory that Putin wished he could kill, murder, and steal to achieve. Putin's mark in history will be a short blood thirsty chapter, a villain defeated by a righteous people striving for a better future.

  21. It is very important for everyone to be safe in this kind of term, because it is a very hard situation for whole country.

  22. She just binge-watched the entire Henrí series on YouTube

  23. Or maybe she came to know that PewDiePie is not the first anymore. Lol.

  24. Yes you can chosse to combine them if you wish so according to your need.

  25. I am glad that she is doing that, that's just something good.

  26. Nice prasol! She looks like a refined lady in the summertime.

  27. These are actually Sherman's army and corps commnders in 1865, not his staff. Left to right: Oliver Howard, John Logan, William Hazen, Sherman, Jefferson Davis (yes, that's really his name), Henry Slocum, and Joseph Mower. Interestingly, another corps commander who was absent for the photo, Francis Blair, was later added to the right of the photo in some early ‟photoshop”.

  28. Yeah Scandinavia taking over the world and not a single æ, which two ot of three Scandinavian countries use instead of the ä which only one uses.

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