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  1. I’m not from Texas, but was recently stopped in Fort Worth. One of the nicest police officers I’ve ever met. We were driving at night without our lights on, and we were lost. He took my license, ran it, issued no citation. Then he had us follow him to where we were trying to go. About a ten minute drive.

  2. Uvalde would like a word about this.

  3. Yes, good job. You’ve pointed to a failure by the police in order to refute a claim I did not make.

  4. As far as I know, she openly admitted at some point that it wasn’t a real bio and was intended as a joke. Someone correct me if they have a better memory though

  5. It’s actually a credit to her as an actor to have fooled as many as she did.

  6. My son is an open fire chef and always brings the steaks to room temp before putting them on the fire.

  7. "Sloppy steaks at Truffoni's. Big rare cut of meat with water dumped all over it, water splashing around the table, makes the night SO MUCH more fun. After the club go to Truffoni's for sloppy steaks. They'd say; 'no sloppy steaks' but they can't stop you from ordering a steak and a glass of water, before you knew it we were dumping that water on those steaks! The waiters were coming to try and snatch em up, we had to eat as fast as we could! OHHH I MISS THOSE NIGHTS, I WAS A PIECE OF SHIT THOUGH."

  8. No idea about an app, but an espresso themed club called 9Bar would be dope.

  9. Considering half this sub doesn't think transgender people should exist, I don't think that would be a problem for most of them. Though, to be fair, they do love sucking off gun rights (no other rights, really, just gun rights). So a tough conundrum for some of reddit's biggest brains to answer this truly epic strawman

  10. Bull fucking shit. It took seventy years for the USSR to fall, and it'll take another seventy years to erase these people from the earth. I don't give a damn about how sure our victory is when I already know I won't live long enough to see it. They won't have power forever, but they will have it long enough to permanently cripple us all.

  11. I agree. For a while I thought we were in a culture war. The it hit me. The war is over. We lost.

  12. There won't be some sudden dramatic backlash. People as a whole are apathetic. Or rather I should say Americans as a whole are comfortable and apathetic. You really think a nation where half of all adults haven't even read a book in over a year will riot over decades old publications they don't even know exist? Fuck the US government is fine drone striking American citizens, and nobody gave a shit. Books won't even make the top twenty spots on things people get worked up over.

  13. Every now and then you come across a comment that everyone needs to see.

  14. Actually, it means all of them were innocent. Hers was the only evidence preserved long enough for it to be DNA tested after DNA testing was invented. That's what exonerated the men. It takes an awful lot of evidence to overturn a conviction.

  15. You’re right. I misunderstood the title. I thought they were exonerated due to the evidence being mishandled.

  16. Just watched the episode, and immediately thought it sounded like a remix of a song from one of my spotify playlists. Unfortunately, that playlist has a little over 500 songs. I'm going to do my best to find it and report back.

  17. Me and my wife lived in an old house for a time that was built in the 1900s. We always locked the bedroom door at night since the doors were so old.

  18. Man, I would have been freaked out just by the laughing from the door handle.

  19. I think ADHD is very similar to OCD in that millions of basically average people tend to focus on something then get bored, and all say they have ADHD. In reality the disorder, much like OCD, is huge detriment to basic function. I've literally had someone tell me "If you use parentheticals (because your mind jumps around) in your texts then I know you have ADHD".

  20. Well, here in Japan, a salary man was once told by his boss to remove file extensions from attached files in an email to the customer, because file extensions are impolite 🤷‍♂️

  21. The red flags are the people saying I should put my dogs down because they'd scuffled twice during their combined 30 years of existence. They have no value for the lives of animals if it's acceptable behavior for them to turn to euthanasia for a single behavioral problem that was extremely rare because it was easy to mitigate.

  22. I agree with you, if those dogs are never around any children, or adults that aren’t informed of the risk.

  23. If Sony and Microsoft let Valve make content updates without having to charge both Valve for the update AND the players for new content, this wouldn't have been an issue. Seriously, a bug fix would have cost Valve $50,000 to send out and Valve wanted the L4D2 DLC to be free, but Microsoft told them to fuck off and put a price tag on it.

  24. Surely it's been mentioned but radio lab did a great episode on this!!!

  25. I was looking at a visual guide recently that would leave me to believe this was over proofed. No?

  26. There are genetic variations associated with population groups, but those bear little to no relation to racial groupings.

  27. I can relate. I've lived here most of my life, before it was "cool." I really, realllly want to try somewhere else though. I like the ocean.

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